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What IS The Problem.......HERE......

  1. gmwilliams profile image86
    gmwilliamsposted 20 months ago

    Disclaimer: I am a Black woman.

    Despite the sociopolitical lamentation of racism & White hegemony in America, Asian-Americans achieve & succeed.  They don't believe in being the victim regarding their socioeconomic lives.  They staunchly believe in becoming educated.  They also adopt a lifestyle which is conclusive to success.  They also, on average, have small families, & don't have children unless they are financially, emotionally, & psychological prepared to do so.  Asian-Americans believe that those who don't succeed & achieve because the latter HAS NO DESIRE to do so. 

    There are Black Americans who adopt the victimology role.  They lament that there is racism & use that as an excuse for not achieving & succeeding.  In many aspects of Black American culture, there is a culture of anti-achievement & anti-intellectualism.  Education is oftentimes frowned upon in many aspects of Black American culture.  Black Americans who succeed & achieve are viewed as sellouts by such Black Americans.  Many Black American leaders advocate Black victimology instead of encouraging Black excellence in achievement, education, & success.  Many Black Americans adopt lifestyles & make negative decisions which lead to negative, even abysmal outcome in terms of education & success attainment.  Many Black Americans look to others to rescue them while Asian-Americans believe in taking responsibility & being accountable in their lives.

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      rhamsonposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Your assertion claims a racial or at the very least a cultural distinction that can be changed how? Do these ethnic groups live under the same conditions? Is there equal access to the education that one group accels at or is there a difference based on racial upbringing? Is it a matter of surviving in an environment that is conducive to bettering oneself or going along agreeing and participating with the negative and condescending type living next door to live through another day? What employment opportunities are available to one race over the other? Are you basing these observations on your own experiences? Some statistics claim that whites trail blacks by a minuscule percentage of 1% in welfare recipients yet Asians and other minorities are far less than that of people with a racial advantage.

      Welfare Demographics

      Percent of recipients who are white     38.8 %
      Percent of recipients who are black     39.8 %
      Percent of recipients who are Hispanic     15.7 %
      Percent of recipients who are Asian     2.4 %
      Percent of recipients who are Other     3.3 %


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    ahorsebackposted 20 months ago

    I saw a poster a while ago that showed a young black boy  and the poster said "The worse thing we can teach this boy is how to be a victim "  , we do that very well in our culture , No matter the color of the skin . no matter  the level of education ,   You always make some very interesting posts and ask great questions !               

    The best thing we can do , for all of us , is to keep asking the questions !

    1. gmwilliams profile image86
      gmwilliamsposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Why, THANK YOU.  There are Black Americans love to use the "R" word to rationalize their negative choices.  They choose negative behaviors but expect positive outcomes.  They are anti-intellectual, espousing street culture because to them, street culture is more credible than to be intellectual & educated.  These Black Americans espouse a culture of failure & pathology.   Rappers are glorified over doctors, lawyers, & other professionals.  I, as a Black woman, am nonplussed at this inversion of values.  It seems that Black Americans, on average, give only lip service to the importance of education; however, they oftentimes don't go the extra mile.  If they did, more Black Americans would be educated & successful. 

      Asian-American parents place a high emphasis on education.  To them, education is everything.  They realize that without education, one will be relegated to poverty.  They believe in smart work & strategizing for success.  They also believe in more realistic methods for success.  They emphasize the importance of mathematical, technical, & medical subjects for their children.  They also downplaying the importance of non-essential activities for their children.  Asian-Americans have a very prodigious work ethic, they refuse to adopt negative behaviors.