What are the ways that HATRED is based upon the subconscious.......INFERIORITY o

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    gmwilliamsposted 21 months ago

    What are the ways that HATRED is based upon the subconscious.......INFERIORITY of people

    who are haters?


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    tamarawilhiteposted 21 months ago

    The dhimmi in Shariah law are the non-Muslims living in a Muslim dominated society. They have half the worth of a Muslim in court, inheritance, legal status. They have to pay an annual fine in a humiliating ritual each year for the right to remain non-Muslim. Don't pay the fine or don't have the money for it, either convert to Islam or be executed, per the Koran.
    Routine humiliations per the Koran like not receiving the same greetings, having to keep their faith from ever being seen by Muslims, never allowed to have a taller home or better clothes or interrupt a Muslim. No right to own a weapon or defend your life from a Muslim, so you're always at their mercy. And mosques routinely called for murder of non-Muslims - which you still see today with Muslims riled up on Friday mosque sermons rampaging through Coptic Christian villages in Egypt, killing Christians and Hindus in Pakistan, etc.
    Given routine humiliation and depredations, the internalized it. It is an understandable reaction - if you begged harder and longer, you were less likely to be killed in a rampage. If you talked about how horrible you were and how evil your group was, you could get a position of public influence. Think of it as the most outspoken supporter of the Hindu caste system as an Untouchable, doing it to be appointed head of the Untouchables.

    Thus it can be a survival trait and personal advantage to internalize and repeat how horrible you are, how bad you are, your group deserves to be on the bottom.

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    grand old ladyposted 21 months ago

    Maybe in some cases, hate is taught. Tamara pointed out the example in Islam. It is also true in racism you are taught to hate what your parents hate. I don't think inferiority is the basis of hate. In fact, hate is such a strong word. Anger, I can understand, and dysfunction. But hate is something that can kill the hater inside and cause the hater to literally kill others, perhaps. People should never let themselves be carried away by hate, to the point that the hate consumes you. It is most unhealthy. You should write a hub about hate. I would be interested in reading it.