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What is the SINGULAR MOST IMPORTANT thing to teach a child?

  1. gmwilliams profile image87
    gmwilliamsposted 20 months ago

    What is the SINGULAR MOST IMPORTANT thing to teach a child?


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    Jotan1970posted 20 months ago

    It is hard to choose a singular one but I think i would opt for Confidence/Self-esteem .. Not inflated but enough for them to follow their dreams, to know they are valued and loved and to show that to others, to not be destroyed by hatred around them or knock backs in life but to learn from them. So many adults issues and problems stem from a lack of confidence and self esteem that if we can teach our children to have and hold on to theirs they will have a strong foundation to build their lives upon.

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    ezba29posted 20 months ago

    Singular most important thing is "belief" .if the child believe this word belief then they won't scare about world.

    They need to believe themselves first then automatically they can enjoy the real happiness.  So many people are losing beliefs in themselves thats why moving and finding what others are doing so they are depending others for everything losing all uniqueness.
    If the child don't believe themselves then no one else believe.
    In my point of view life start with belief so since child they must practice this. Once they find success in their belief then they won't fear about failure.

  4. Ana Kolomeka profile image76
    Ana Kolomekaposted 19 months ago

    I believe it is excellent social skills.  I was going to say self-reliance, but ultimately, no one can do everything all by themselves.  Someone with excellent social skills can find ways to gather people around them; with each one using their best skills, a lot can be accomplished.
    I recently saw the movie "Selma", about Martin Luther King's march there.  Though he was brilliant - obtaining a PhD at age 21, when most people are lucky to get a college degree - he could not orchestrate that march all by himself.  He needed as much input as possible, to figure out how to deal with the forces involved.  That is why he was successful there.