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What is the psychological basis for people indulging in destructive behaviors th

  1. gmwilliams profile image87
    gmwilliamsposted 19 months ago

    What is the psychological basis for people indulging in destructive behaviors that produce negative

    future emotional, intellectual, psychological, & socioeconomic outcomes for themselves & particularly for their children?  What makes such people rationalize such destructive behaviors?  Don't THEY care about indulging in such destructive behaviors?


  2. louiseelcross profile image84
    louiseelcrossposted 19 months ago

    My daughter is how you describe. As much as I love her I am shocked at her destructive behaviour and the fact that she drags her children through it all. She has no remorse for her behaviour for what she puts her children through. She is vicious with her mouth if any one tries to confront her and then manipulates the authorities around her who offer her to support into believing they she is a lovely woman. I have watched her and studied her and have come to conclusion that she is a psychopath and will stop at nothing to get sympathy from others regardless of the suffering of her children. Life is about loving ourselves and others but she is incapable of truly loving and caring for others. So I would say mental illness is my answer because I feel such behaviour can only be mental illness. She is forty now and not showing signs of stopping destructive behaviour. Thanks for question and for making me think about it all clearly. Thanks.

  3. pattyfloren profile image80
    pattyflorenposted 19 months ago

    Maybe its because of all the negativity around them that makes these persons see differently.  Have you ever heard voices about things around you but didn't know what to do about it?  This is why their reactions are from experiences that aren't according to some appreciated.  Oh... that T's me off!
    But I deal with it.  You know what I've learnt?  Just take one day at a time and don't worry because tomorrow will take care of itself.  And learn to forgive even when your heart is bruised and battered.  I would hate someone to come up to me when one of my parents have passed away and mention the fact that I didn't do anything for them.  Time will heal all wounds.

  4. Dr CHE Sadaphal profile image78
    Dr CHE Sadaphalposted 19 months ago

    Because convenient lies are much more comforting than inconvenient truth.

  5. tamarawilhite profile image92
    tamarawilhiteposted 19 months ago

    1. Inability to plan long term or low intelligence that results in people acting for immediate gratification without thinking about the long term
    2. Desperate circumstances cause you to be reliant on bad short term solutions (staying with abuser because you have no money, using payday lender because you have nothing else available)