I'd like feedback please...What does bullying di to a child's self-esteem??

  1. profile image60
    Jamika Payneposted 4 years ago

    I'd like feedback please...What does bullying di to a child's self-esteem??

    Bullying is so disgusting and breaks a child down in so many ways. Physically
    emotionally mentally and so much more. I am so against bullying that I have to speak out against it. What are some of your thoughts and has it affected you or a family member in any way.

  2. lions44 profile image99
    lions44posted 4 years ago

    It is disgusting, but here's the problem, it might be in our DNA.  To me, there's no question that there is something evolutionary about the act of bullying; sort of like a survival instinct. That doesn't make it right but we might have to approach it in a different manner.  Just like greed and jealously, bullying is part of the human condition. This is not something that popped up in modern societies.

    When I was a kid and someone tried to bully me, I fought back (within reason).  There were rules. No hitting guys smaller than you, etc.  But we did not have guns back then and our self-esteem was better overall. "Disrespect" was just part of life. No need to kill anyone over it. Also, every kid, whether he be a nerd, overweight, etc, was made to play sports. Little League, swimming, track.  Parents felt it was important. Sounds minor, but I really feel that changes things.

    I did see some awful bullying of certain kids in high school and it was terrible.  Somehow, the admin of the school did not do anything. Even years later, I bumped into a guy who had to transfer due to harassment and when I went to say hi (at a subway station), he snapped at me. I was shocked as  I had nothing to do with his problems.  He saw me as part of "them."   I felt sorry for him.   

    I do know the situation with young women is different, as they are less prone to want to settle things physically.

    So the approach has to be twofold.  Adults need to be supervising the environment (mostly in schools and online) and we have to teach kids that this is something they have to deal with long-term. It's part of life and they have to confront it. I know some school districts have bullying resolution groups where the kids talk to each other and there investigations into these acts. 

    Having a more regimented school day helps.  Adding staff helps (we need $$!!).  Programs for kids physical self-esteems are vital.  If you can't get a kid to play sports, at least get them in martial arts, hiking, whatever. 

    My approach is a little unconventional and a bit old fashioned as well. But we need to try anything we can to stop this problem.

    Great topic.  Can't wait to hear the responses.

  3. tamarawilhite profile image89
    tamarawilhiteposted 4 years ago

    Physical intimidation causes harm and stress, as well as avoidance behavior.
    Extended emotional degradation and social humiliation cause someone to withdraw from activities or hate themselves.
    My concern with this discussion is how often saying "we'll fight bullying" is turned into bullying against those with whom one disagrees.

    Many social justice warriors don't realize that they are bullying people when they are "educating" someone, lecturing and shaming someone for not agreeing with that person's point of view, often screaming at them for merely being white or a man or conservative.
    It moves from bullying to outright intimidation and fraud when groups of authoritarian leftists decide together that since this person expressed a contrary view and didn't apologize profusely for daring to exercise free speech, let's try to break up their relationships, email and social media campaign to humiliate their parents, try to get the person fired for not adhering to the far left's political checklist.
    When the far left shows up at an event to blow air horns and scream at people for disagreeing while university security does nothing, storm a stage and attack the speaker physically, block entry to events or assault conservatives for hate speech because they came to listen to a speaker, that is fascism. The fact that the physical assaults and intimidation is done in the name of love and tolerance does not make it so, it is just good branding by the left.

    The only thing that makes SJWs make any sense is that it is a religion akin to Islam where they are always the victims. That is the only way the liberals who threatened to burn down a religious school near us that refused admission to a lesbian's daughter makes sense; that in the name of love they threatened to burn down a school with the children of "haters" inside, is that they think it is a holy mission, all others be damned.
    That they could send death threats to teachers and administrators, suspicious packages, hate mail, threatening to kill people who said "we want to teach our beliefs without conflict, so we won't change our views and we won't admit a child for whom the teachings cause conflict" ... and they called the Christian families involved the evil haters, ignoring the fact that THEY WERE THE BULLIES AND FASCISTS ... but I promise you, most of the children subjected to that liberal abuse will never, ever become liberal.


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