What are the 15 ways that sibling rivalry damages a child's self-esteem?

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    What are the 15 ways that sibling rivalry damages a child's self-esteem?


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    TJSMITHposted 4 years ago

    Good question.  I am speaking for myself of course and not my siblings.  Growing up with 5 siblings, everything was an contest.  Who would be the champion in sports, games, who can hold up their arm the longest, you name it.  I am not saying I had a bad childhood but these experiences have affect me later on into adulthood.  As an adult, I was never good enough.  I do not make a lot of money.  I do not have the most expensive cars, sexual conquests, whatever you can think of.  Every family visit as an adult ended up in playing an game to see whom would be "champ" or we would compete by showing off our new toys, never to talk about life or happiness but showing off.  With the passing of my father, and only my mother remaining, there is no need for such shows.  No one cares now whom is "champ" nor do we have any desire to see each other.  I have posted a similar question and the answers received from complete strangers gave revelations of my own past. It is these behaviors also transpire into the work force, always trying to be the top dog and when you are not, you beat yourself up feeling like an failure.  My parents did the best they could to raise us and I love them both for their love and support.  If I had to go back in time to talk to my younger parents, I would say, enough with the contests, let's just have fun and do not demonize the loser(s).