Do you highly contend that highly, even extremely successful Blacks in the Unit

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    gmwilliamsposted 16 months ago

    Do you highly contend that  highly, even extremely successful Blacks in the United States for the

    past 3 generations came from solidly middle class households or better with highly educated parents who presented them w/advantages to give them a head start as far as success goes?  Nowadays or for the past 3 generations, highly, even extremely successful Blacks are from solidly middle class origins or better-the number of highly, even extremely successful Blacks who are from lower class origins are very  few & far in-between.

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    dashingscorpioposted 16 months ago

    It probably depends on their area of specialty.
    Rappers for instance like Master P. Dr. Dre,  P. Diddy, and Jay-Z are multi-millionaires several times over who dabbled around drugs and other illegal activities. Even Oprah Winfrey had humble beginnings.
    Professional athletes often come from dire straits as well.
    Ultimately it's the drive and ambition of the individual that counts most. Not everyone makes the most of their opportunities.
    This would also explain why some people with more advantages don't reach the success one might expect them to obtain.

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    gmwilliamsposted 16 months ago

    Very successful Blacks for the most part came from at the minimum solidly middle class households.  Many came from upper middle, even upper class households. They also had parents who were highly educated.  They furthermore lived in integrated suburbs or other affluent neighborhoods where there were educational advantages not found in the inner cities where the majority of Blacks live.

    They grew up in environments where education & achievement were encouraged.  Their parents stressed the importance of education beyond the rudimentary level & believed in careers instead of jobs.  Their parents were extremely proactive in their children's lives, believing that it is the parents' as well as teachers' job to educate their children.  They also had two parent homes & believed in family planning-small families.  Their parents strategized & planned intelligently.  They didn't have children until they were educationally, emotionally, financially, & psychologically ready to do so.

    Very successful Blacks had parents who set an excellent example as to the merits of education & achievement.  Their parents just didn't talk about the merits of education & achievement- they LIVED that life.   Very successful Blacks also associated w/others of similar or better socioeconomic class where there was a commonality of values.  Parents of very successful Blacks didn't permit the latter to associate w/those of a lower socioeconomic class where oftentimes negative values persist.   Very successful Blacks had parents who put them into clubs where they could interact w/other children who have advanced educational & achievement values.  Also such clubs would provide them w/networking opportunities in the future. 

    Very successful Blacks had parents who had the monies to afford the best quality of education for them.   They didn't attend the run of the mill public school that Blacks from lower socioeconomic circles attended.  They also attended the best universities which further put them on the road to success.  They clearly have myriad advantages & an easier road to success than Blacks from lower socioeconomic circles who had less educated parents.