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What shapes a person's definition of COMFORT?

  1. Bambi Valdez profile image60
    Bambi Valdezposted 16 months ago

    What shapes a person's definition of COMFORT?

    Comfort is a very subjective term. I have always wondered how a person connects the word comfort with things around him or her,

  2. RTalloni profile image87
    RTalloniposted 16 months ago

    Much depends on what has caused the discomfort.  A death in a family is a far cry from a self-indulgent person feeling lonely and wanting comfort.  That said, how a person feels at any given moment would be a great determiner.  Because feelings change so quickly, sometimes the truest comfort a person can receive is a gentle dose of reality.  I generally find that if that dose comes from myself for myself it is of great value, but a trusted friend can gently apply the prescription.

  3. Diana Lee profile image82
    Diana Leeposted 16 months ago

    My comfort zone has taken many directions over the years.  I find my most contented moments have been late in life when I take control of my own happiness and try my best to go with the flow and not sweat the small stuff. A healthy family and good friends are the most important. Comfort is all in how we see it.

  4. cheaptrick profile image71
    cheaptrickposted 16 months ago

    I think the key is familiarity.The most amazing characteristic of human beings is our capacity to adapt to and normalize the most extreme environments.
    For example;I saw a photo of two twenty something girls in a Nazi concentration camp who were picking up corpses (hands and feet) and throwing them into a pit for burning...a horrific sight even in a photo let alone real life.The girls were jauntily dressed and had stopped,corps in hand,to smile at the camera as though it was a day at the beach and they were on some picnic somewhere...they had become familiar and 'comfortable' with the horror and accepted it as normal everyday routine....such is human nature...
    The 'New' normal can be anything given enough immersion...I'm ashamed at times to be a member of this race...

  5. Tusitala Tom profile image61
    Tusitala Tomposted 16 months ago

    I'm told that the famous playwright, George Bernard Shaw, said: "I never stand when I can sit; I never sit when I can lie down...and I get my exercise acting as a pall bearer at the funerals of friends who do a lot of exercise to keep fit."   And, as we know, he lived to over ninety.

    Check out your cat.  It never stands (unless there is a definite purpose to do so) sits whenever it can, and does a helluva lot of lying down.  A cat is a Master of Comfort.  Or rather, a Master AT Comfort.  Relax.  Take it easy.     When mind, emotions and body are all in a relaxed state you are comfortable.   

    Thinking can very much affect our feelings of comfort.   But attitude trumps thinking every time.   Oh, and an attitude of gratitude is a great way to start feeling comfortable about life.   So why not keep a Gratitude Journal...

  6. tsmog profile image80
    tsmogposted 16 months ago

    A lot to ponder maybe. First, can we ask how comfort relates to happiness as pointed out by Diana L. Pierce. I have always thought of comfort more so how it relates to my living conditions and with confrontations. And, then I think of the adage "Am I comfortable in my own skin?". Pondering I looked at the meaning for comfort. It points to freedom from pain or constraint. Also, easing feelings of grief or distress.

    With the first I now think of tolerance. Or, how much does tolerance of pain increasing or decreasing affect my comfort? I am thinking now of when a boss is lecturing or correcting me. That can be an emotional pain. How much does tolerance affect my comfort? Do I feel constrained or loss of comfort? When the lecture is over do I feel comfort or does it continue emotionally, how long, and what relieves that?

    And, then as quickly I think of when my legs are in pain - discomfort. I sit in my 'comfortable chair' and put my feet up. That is easing feelings of distress or I now have comfort.

    So, to me what shapes comfort is pain and how to heal that . . .