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To analytical thinkers, what are the SIX things that poor parents do to their ch

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    gmwilliamsposted 13 months ago

    To analytical thinkers, what are the SIX things that poor parents do to their children that

    solidly middle, upper middle, & upper class parents would NEVER do to their children?


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    tamarawilhiteposted 13 months ago

    Default reliance on severe physical punishment to maintain control because they either have too many children to "talk it out", insufficient skills to handle discipline any other way or are too low in intelligence to have another approach.
    Splurge on themselves as an "I've earned it with how hard I work" and not have money for food or rent later. Money in the hand is seen like a gift from God and spent on that big gimmie purchase. No savings for emergencies to prevent car repairs or medical bills becoming a major emergency.
    You also get fights from the sheer stress of living on the edge, creating a more stressful environment. He spent the savings for moving to a different apartment to upgrade a vehicle, she spent the limited savings on some purchase they agreed before to postpone, or both had an emergency and spent the emergency fund and now both checks bounce with late fees.

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      gmwilliamsposted 13 months agoin reply to this

      GREAT response as usual.  Always love & respect your answers, Tamara, THANK you for responding.

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    gmwilliamsposted 13 months ago


    (1) Have MORE children than they can afford emotionally, psychologically, & socioeconomically.  Studies show that poor people have more children than their solidly middle class, upper middle class, & upper class counterparts.  This translates into even more impoverished conditions for poor households w/children working afterschool, weekend, & summer jobs to get the things that other children normally have.  This also translates into older children have insufficient normative childhoods because they become parentified children to their younger siblings.  Many times, older children drop out of school, forfeiting their education & future opportunities because they MUST SUPPLEMENT meager familial income.

    (2) Willingly have children when they CAN'T afford them.  Poor people aren't concerned about the financial ramifications of having children.  They believe that it is enough or more than enough to provide children w/the bare rudiments & nothing more.  Poor people have children just to be having children.  Oftentimes, they have UNPLANNED & UNWANTED children which result in such children being "cared for" in the minimal fashion.  It also results in a high incidence of neglect & even abuse of such children.

    (3) Expect their children to put THEIR needs first.  Poor people expect their children to support them.  In poor households, children become adult-like early, assuming responsibilities because the parents can't, don't, &/or won't.  It is second nature for poor people to have their children make their financial lives easier.  Poor people aren't really concerned about their children's educational nor socioeconomic future.  In fact, they feel that they aren't obligated to provide for their children beyond the very basic rudiments. 

    (4) Using more draconian methods of discipline.  Poor people are more likely to use harsher forms of discipline, including corporal punishments.  Corporal punishments are de rigueur in poor households.  Poor people have a more brutish method of interfacing w/their children.  They contend that using more constructive methods of punishment make children weak & that the only form of punishments should be as.....HARSH ....as possible.

    (5) Using harsh language to their children. Poor people live in harsh environments which is reflective in their parenting methodology.  Children are viewed as objects rather than as persons.  It isn't unusual for poor parents to degrade, curse, & be otherwise verbally abusive to their children.