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    INTROVERSION is not the same as SHYNESS

    There are no shy Introverted individuals. They aren’t simply shy people, They also are not simply depressed individuals, although introverts just as extroverts can be depressed. And they aren’t all social outcasts. Introversion is not a pathological condition; it is not an abnormal response to the world. Introverts can be excellent leaders and public speakers — although they’re stereotyped as being the shrinking violet, they don’t necessarily shy away from the spotlight.
    >>ie Bill Gates-Lady Gaga-Albert Einstein-J.K. Rowling-Abraham Lincoln << Introverts.

    It is simply a personality trait found in a small percentage of the total population. Introverts are different from extroverts and this difference is very difficult for the extrovert to understand because they do not operate in that fashion. And because they do not understand it, many continually try to help the introvert become more social, more gregarious, more outgoing, and have more fun from the extrovert perspective. Such is the situation of the introvert, a minority in the regular population but a majority in the gifted population

    A few Characteristics of Introverts

    1.Are regional – want private space and time
    2.Are cheerful to be separated from everyone else – they can be desolate in a group
    3.Become depleted around huge gatherings of individuals; abhorrence going to parties
    4.Need time alone to energize
    5.Prefer to chip away at claim as opposed to do assemble work
    6.Act carefully in meeting individuals
    7.Are held, calm and ponder
    8.Do not appreciate being the focal point of consideration (not constantly)
    9.Do not impart private musings to simply anybody
    10.Form a couple of profound connections
    11.Think precisely before talking (rehearse in your mind before you talk)
    12.See reflection as vital
    13.Concentrate well and profoundly
    14.Become consumed in contemplations and thoughts
    15.Limit their interests yet investigate profoundly
    16.Communicate best one-on-one
    17.Get upset and chafed without enough time alone or undisturbed
    18.Select exercises deliberately and insightfully

    It must be remembered that, just as for giftedness, not one list adequately captures the uniqueness of any individual but serves as a beginning guide to understanding behaviors Shyness Vs Introversion.

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    That introversion is a personality flaw, instead of being recognized as a personality TRAIT.
    The TED talk "The power of introverts" was thrilling to me in that regard, to have open discussion on the advantages introverts have. No, you aren't anxious or shy, just not super-social like the majority.

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      Well said.

      Although, it's more complicated then that but your answer is good enough. : )