Can our loved ones still know us when they pass?

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    sadnmissinposted 5 months ago

    Can our loved ones still know us when they pass?

    I miss my parents so darn much.  Were they good parents? Well, when I was growing up, I thought not.  But now, they did the best they good and were really good parents.  None of us kids ( 8 of  us) has had any trouble with the law.  We respect the land and our elders, and even the president!  I miss them so much.  I wish I knew if they knew we were here!   I KNOW some say there is heavn and hell.  I don't believe it. But I wonder if there is existence and do they know about us.  Pls send me some links to help me. I just cant get over them after 9  years
    thanks for helping me.

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    Rochelle Frankposted 5 months ago

    It's a tough question, and many belief systems try to answer it.
    But whatever you believe, we have to go on and honor the memory of those we loved by keeping the legacy love and caring alive for those that follow us.
    My  personal beliefs console me, but sometimes I smile through my tears.

    We all know that those who have passed on  might have hoped we remembered the good times with them and would want us to continue our lives unhindered by excessive grief and to pass on joy, smiles and whatever positive things we learned from them to future generations. They would not want us to be consumed by grief.

    I had wonderful parents and think of them every day, though they have been gone a long time. Missing them is hard sometimes, but I have to balance that by remembering the blessings they left to me.