DWI Laws & Smart Phone

  1. ftclick profile image56
    ftclickposted 7 years ago

    A study was just done on impaired driving. They discovered that Driving under influence of alcohol you stopped at 10 feet, driving while talking on cell phone was 20 or 30 feet and driving while texting was 70 feet.

    Why the hell is the punishment or fine just $20 to $100 for cell or smart phone while driving less. Drivers are seriously impaired MORE than alcohol. It should be suspension and $1,000 fine. yes, this will help the states budget with the millions of drivers we have.
    Does it take 1,000 deaths or more to get this passed?

    Rest in peace - the Malibu plastic surgeon who drove off the coastal highway. He worked on Michael Jackson, Heidi Montag and others.

    The smart phone should simply not operate if it senses movement of more than 10mph...   some kinda smart phone they made, huh?