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Length of Hub and number of photos

  1. mary615 profile image93
    mary615posted 2 years ago

    I find when I try and read a Hub from my iPhone, it won't load.  I wonder if that is because the Hub is too long, or has too many photos. 
    I give up until I can get to my computer.
    Seems I read (or maybe dreamed) our Hubs should be shorter to be easier to load from a mobile phone.
    Any thoughts on this??

    1. bravewarrior profile image92
      bravewarriorposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Not sure on this, Mary. I have an android and have no trouble reading hubs on it, although I don't do it often.

      The rule of thumb (according to the check box to the right of each hub when in edit mode) is 1,250 words and at least three photos. HP is optimized for mobile devices. When you read the hubs on your computer do you notice anything unusual about them?

      1. mary615 profile image93
        mary615posted 2 years agoin reply to this

        No, BW, when I check the Hub on my computer, it loads just fine.  The Hub I tried to read was on Facebook.  Had 11 photos and quite long.  I just waited to get to my computer to read and comment.
        My daughter as an Android, and just loves it!

    2. Faith Reaper profile image90
      Faith Reaperposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Mary,

      I don't have trouble viewing hubs on my phone.  All the imagery seems to come up fine too.  The only issues I have with reading a hub and commenting on a hub via my phone is that my phone doesn't show up the thumbs up or any sharing buttons?  I have asked about this but no one seems to know why I can't share via my phone.  I can vote awesome, etc., though.  I do know that you have to set your phone to view as the website looks and I forget how to do that ...maybe someone else can inform you.

    3. Christy Kirwan profile image
      Christy Kirwanposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Mary,

      We recommend that you shoot for the 1,500 to 2,500 word range when writing Hubs. There are not any HubPages issues that I'm aware of that would cause any difficulty with viewing your Hubs on your phone, and I can confirm that they load without problems when I view them on mine.

      1. mary615 profile image93
        mary615posted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Hi Christy.  I really think the fault is with my phone: not HP.  Thanks, I'm working on it!

    4. promisem profile image99
      promisemposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      If you are located near a weak wireless signal, the download time may take longer. Which wireless network you use also matters.

  2. Lisa HW profile image73
    Lisa HWposted 2 years ago

    In the fairly recent past there was a post on here in which the whole smart-phone was mentioned.  At the time I wrote my "thoughts" on it, but then I decided the post would be too long (and maybe I'd polish it up and do something else with it).

    Since you've raised the smart-phone issue again, I thought I'd dig up that reply I wrote for the other thread.  I suppose one reason I held off posting was that (believe me, based on the state-of-affairs that my own account is in at this point, I'm really not someone who other Hubbers should be listening to) in view of the fact that my aims/ideas about "quality" are mine, and HP's ideas about a "quality Hub that will do well" are a whole other thing; I didn't think my thoughts on the whole smart-phone thing necessarily applied.

    Anyway, since your post kind of backs up what I said in that thing I didn't post on here, I decided, maybe, those "thoughts" had a place in discussion about smart phones after all.   


    It kind of surprises me that so many people still kind of seem to think that one size fits all rules about what works/doesn't work well still apply.  Just as a potential searcher, myself, if I'm out somewhere and searching for something I'm not going to use my smart phone for anything that will involve reading.  I may have another device with me for reading, or may not).  Either way, I don't use my phone for looking for anything but something like, for example, a train schedule or menu for a restaurant.  Depending on the situation, I may look for something that will involve more reading on, say, a Kindle Fire (which lets people set their device to whatever reading settings (etc.) they want; so basically, that kind of "mobile" isn't a tiny smart phone screen.   (Besides, there's most often turning devices sideways to get a wider screen or leaving them "vertical" if that works better.)

    OR, if I'm home I may be using a desktop or other computer, or - again, - other device that is not a smart phone.  I wouldn't think too many other people don't have some similar version of how they approach searching.  (Kids/students most often have devices beyond just whatever phone they have.  I think most people do.  When it comes down to it, however, if I had only one device and that was a smart phone; and I seriously wanted to search for something that would require reading, I wouldn't be "above" that either  After all, it would be that or nothing.  And, BTW, if I was searching for something that would more substantial material/reading, if I searched on my smart phone I wouldn't want space taken up with unnecessary images or "frittery". Instead, I'd just want clear, well spaced, paragraphs and mostly the words (or a limited few images if it were really necessary). The size of the font/type can always be adjusted on mobile devices; but if the mobile device I absolutely had to use was a smart phone I'd truly not want unnecessary images and other stuff.)

    So to me, I just see the thing about "smart phone talk" related to, say, Hubs as either not entirely/always applicable at this stage in the "all-changes-since-Panda" game; or else as kind of having a discussion about (even if not necessarily comparing) apples-and-oranges.  In other words, I  don't think the person who has fewer well developed and longer Hubs has to worry about who will be searching for that KIND of Hub/information on a smart phone (for the most part).  I'd think, depending on how searchable/search-friendly the particular subject and type of Hub is, the existence of, and reliance on smart phones these days, might have far less impact than so many people seem to automatically assume (again, with regard to the longer, well developed, informative, searchable Hub).

    I'm not saying that I don't think making all Hubs mobile-friendly is a wise/important thing to do these days.  I just think that suggestion that "everyone" is using smart phones these days (and therefore doesn't want to read "long stuff" on them ) either isn't factoring in people who ARE searching for stuff that HAS TO BE longer if it's to compete with authority sites and whatever else is out there, doesn't understand the potential audience for SOME types of material, or else is locked into that old "Internet/content thinking" 
    that so often had/has nothing to do with caring about/understanding the potential reader/searcher; and instead was/is looking for a way to come up with quickie content with a set of one-size-fits-all rules about "what works best".  HP has already addressed the matter of making Hubs mobile-friendly.  People write all kinds of different types of Hubs (needless to say).  Respectfully, I don't really see the need or point to bringing up the matter of smart phones time and time again (particularly within the context of "how long a Hub should be".   hmm  ).

    The one question/concern I'd have with something like smart phones, though (and this because my own practices and general understanding of SOME things related to this particular thing; might be how likely a searcher may be to "search now with the idea of reading later" (and in some cases, say, copying and/or e.mailing material to be read "somewhere else" later).  That's always kind of been an issue.  I just wonder, now, how much this type of behavior associated with smart phones, may be cutting into what otherwise would have been people finding something at HubPages and staying there to read it (or at least bookmark it).  At least with regard to what I think is now being emphasized on HP, this kind of thing would, to me, be more of a smart-phone-related concern than the "nobody wants to read a long Hub on a smart phone" thing.

    1. mary615 profile image93
      mary615posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for your input,  Lisa.  I check my Facebook on my phone, and I will see a friend has posted a new Hub.  When I click on the Hub, it won't load.  The one I tried this AM had 11 photos, and was quite long.

    2. Jean Bakula profile image97
      Jean Bakulaposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Lisa HW,
      I agree with you. If I seriously want to find answers to questions, unless it's a very small question, I wouldn't elect to read about it on my phone. I watched my son do that for about a year, and finally bought him a tablet for Christmas so he wouldn't go blind. He insisted he didn't want one, but he uses it everyday. I bought one for myself too. I like it for research, but I don't like typing on it, I never got used to the keyboard. I mostly use it if I want to browse a bit and don't want to cut myself off alone in the room where the bigger computer is.

      I write pretty long hubs sometimes, and it does seem like it would be a chore to scroll that much to read anything of substance on a phone. I know many young people just use their phones, but when I read their comments, it's obvious they just scanned the hub and didn't read or understand even the basic things it said. So that's not the audience I want to reach anyway.

      Also, I get texts that tell me I have comments on hubs, but when I'm using my phone, I can't read them.  What am I doing wrong?

  3. aminebombom profile image83
    aminebombomposted 2 years ago

    If the mobile was old, that can very painful, and the page will break down and reload itself again, but when you try with new and late mobile you won't find any troubles, because the mobile's ram and storage capacity is higher.

  4. The Examiner-1 profile image74
    The Examiner-1posted 2 years ago

    Perhaps your iPhone does not have enough memory.

  5. mary615 profile image93
    mary615posted 2 years ago

    My iPhone is fairly new; got it for Christmas.  I do think the problem is the phone, though.  If I try and watch a video someone posted on FB it takes forever, and sometimes just never completes.  I'll check more into that!  Thanks.

  6. Thelma Alberts profile image91
    Thelma Albertsposted 2 years ago

    I have no problem using my smartphone reading hubs but I seldom do it anyway as I donĀ“t like to comment using the smartphone. It takes time to comment using it.

  7. Jodah profile image88
    Jodahposted 2 years ago

    The only thing I do on my smartphone is check emails and reply to comments on my own hubs. I never try to read other people's hubs or search the Internet, much prefer the computer or iPad.

    1. mary615 profile image93
      mary615posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Maybe I'm all backwards and just don't know how to use my phone!  I do not check my email (I thought that would use too much memory).  I don't reply to comments on mine, either!    Funny you would weigh in on this discusson.  The Hub I could not get to load was yours!  I waited till I got to the computer to read and comment.

      1. Jodah profile image88
        Jodahposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Mary, it's funny I had a feeling it was one of mine. I have no idea why, maybe the number of pics you mentioned or just a premonition. I wan't even going to check out this discussion until I saw it was from someone I knew smile Weird, hey?

  8. mary615 profile image93
    mary615posted 2 years ago

    Do you believe in ESP?? I am on my iPhone now for  the first time on HP. I can't find feed showing our comments yet.

    1. Jodah profile image88
      Jodahposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Yes I do believe in ESP.

      1. mary615 profile image93
        mary615posted 2 years agoin reply to this

        I did log on to HP this AM and was able to read Hubs.  I couldn't get to my account or comments.  I just don't know how to use the phone!  I'm still trying...

  9. Kylyssa profile image95
    Kylyssaposted 2 years ago

    I'd suspect it's the phone's software rather than that it's the hub. I have a step-by-step craft tutorial hub with 18 photos on it and a word count of 1623 words that I can read with no problems at all even on my older model Samsung Galaxy phone. It looks and loads great on my roommates' newer phones with larger screens and loads very fast on the newest phone.

    Some phones may have software issues. Maybe you should check the manufacturer's website to see if they have any updates or patches for your phone?

    1. mary615 profile image93
      mary615posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Kylyssa, I think you are right about my phone, plus the fact I probably don't use it correctly.

  10. Vic Dillinger profile image61
    Vic Dillingerposted 2 years ago

    I have an Android and it works fine regardless of length, number of photos, etc.  As suggested it may be your browser or web service speed (format looks a bit different than desktop but everything is there.)