Top errors to avoid on a college admission essay

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    saanj Hposted 6 years ago

    Most of the students passing their 10th grade are quite obsessive about getting selected in the college of their choice. The college admission essay thus  is the most essential requirement for applying such schools/ colleges.

    In the fury of showcasing our writing skills and impressing upon  the admission advisor we students often commit common mistakes. These mistakes come with the threat of putting our admission status at stake.

    The main important aspects of essay writing are concision and coherence. So the students need to avoid these common mistakes while writing their respective college admission essays.

    1. Most of the students tend to be over zealous about themselves. Students are often found to be writing about how they fit into the criteria of said college/ school.
    2. The students forget to answer the questions or guidelines. They also forget show a degree of perspective and self-reflection through their writing.
    3. Always have a first draft and the final draft of your essay. Once you are one with your first draft, make it a point to re check it. At this stage all the modifications can be done to that essay. Be open to certain changes referred by your teacher or your parents.
    4. Most of the students are found associating good experiences to the future goals. This is not a bad idea provided you show a good reasonable connection between them..
    5. Writing too much of personal information in the essay is also bad. The essay should reflect your passion, strength and intelligence.

    The best way to write an essay is to draft a skeleton of the essay and then give it a defined shape by proper usage of the language and content of the essay.

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    Quilligrapherposted 6 years ago

    Very informative, Saanj, but you should make it a hub instead of a forum posting.  Good Luck.  Keep writing.

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      saanj Hposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for your comments. sir. I'm extremely grateful to u for reading my post.