School District Retaliation

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    Sundaymomentsposted 6 years ago

    On February 4th I filled a Disability Discrimination case on the school district that my Ten year attends with the Office of Civil Rights; after receiving a four hour phone call from her teacher telling me that the school administrators are discrimination on my child based on disability.

    On the same day I emailed the principal informing her that I filled the complaint (which was a Saturday) which means she received the email on Monday the 6th of February.

    On Friday the 10th of February my wife and I had a visit from a Child Protective Investigator stating I had allegations of Child Abuse filled on me (Not My Wife but Me).

    The investigator went over the allegations with me and to my surprise my wife and I knew it had come from the school.

    This is so sad and horrible that a district would do this to my family and me. Within the allegations the C.P.S worker stated the school was concerned because my wife had feel down our stairs and they had not seen her; the school had talked to her on numerous occasions and also had come to pick up our child twice since I had told the school of the incident (So they knew she was Ok) I also have many recordings of the school talking to my wife on the phone since so they knew she was ok and had ample opportunity to ask but never did.

    The school also alleged that I was stalking my child at school I went to the school once a week maybe twice (If That) to make sure she was Ok and also to make sure she was being treated fairly (Obviously my suspicions were right when her own homeroom teacher called me concerned because of the way the principal was treating my child as well as the teacher).

    Also there was an allegation that my child lived with fear while at the school because I told her was sitting in the office all day; when my child was asked if she had ever thought that I was just sitting in the office by the C.P.S worker she said “No Way” and said that was a bold face lie!!! My child cried for much of this last weekend because she could not understand why the school would have lied on me as she too also knew that the allegations were bold face lies.

    At one time my 4 year old was attending Pre-K at the school and every time we would go to drop her off she would ask us to stay in the office and wait on her; we would tell her we were going to stay; my wife or I would go in the office and act like we were staying while the teachers occupied her then the office secretary would sneak us the side door so she would not cry and throw a fit because she did not want us to leave her. What the school did was turned this around and stated that I was doing this to my 10 year old (Which was a bold face lie).

    The school also stated in the report that I had installed Cameras and a security system in my home in which I had just had installed it not even three weeks ago and the system they offered automatically included cameras (In the past two years I and my family had fell victim of a home invasion) so we thought this would keep us safer (Not be used as a weapon against us). (I can validate the home invasion if needed by a police report that is on file)

    They also alleged seeing needles marks on my arm the school knew I was going to have a stress test done (On My Heart) as a matter fact that afternoon at the school we talked about how I would recommend getting the chemical stress test rather than the old traditional stress test.

    They also included within the allegations that I would not allow the principal to be around my child this was requested because my child had come home on numerous occasions stating to my wife and I that she felt the principal treated her as well as the other children like her (‘Black’) in a different and mean way and then when I had the conversation with the teacher he too said that he filled a complaint with the teachers union on grounds of color discrimination.

    My family and are living in fear of more retaliation and ask that your office review these claims in an expedited manner as it is apparent the district is doing everything within their power to intimidate me to not file this O.C.R Complaint.

    Have you or anyone that you know ever went through something like this before and if so what did they do to stop the madness? Any suggestions would be great!!


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      Dennis AuBuchonposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for posting this subject in the forum.  Each student needs to be treated the same in providing a quality education for each child.  The situation you have identified should not exist anywhere must less in our schools. 

      Hopefully the principle will be evaluated based on the lawsuit you have filed and also the district officials need to investigate the quality of education being provided to each student in your child's school district.  Teachers such as your child's teacher need to standup for their students

      I hope this wil be a wakeup call not ony for your school district but all school districts in the country.

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        Sundaymomentsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Sadly Dennis AuBuchon she is still hard at work making my families life miserable.

        She sees she has done nothing wrong!!! Today I called asking if we were still going to have our annual special needs meeting and course she was not available however later on today she emailed me discussing the matter with and ended the email that she always has the best interest of my child as her top priory!!! I have gotten smart though I have B.c.c all correspondences with her to the Board President hopefully they will see the principals true colors and not offer her a renewal contract next year