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2012-13 TV Season - New and Upcoming shows, Ratings, Cancellations and more

Updated on May 18, 2013
The Mindy Project (FOX), Revolution (NBC) and Last Resort (ABC)
The Mindy Project (FOX), Revolution (NBC) and Last Resort (ABC)

From now on, I will be posting TV Ratings, Renewal and Cancellation updates and Reviews on my own website.

The main purpose of this hub is to help you (and myself) keep track of every aspect of the 2012-2013 TV Season. If you're interested, you might want to bookmark this page and check back regularly. That way, you'll have all information about New and Upcoming TV Shows stored under one single button.

I'll start with the Ratings, Cancellations and Renewals for all major broadcast networks and cable networks. These contain daily updates with the latest TV ratings, and their consequences for the fate of the show.

The next sections are for the Fall and Midseason parts of the TV season. They include previews and reviews of the TV Shows that premiered in that time period. If the shows have already premiered, you can find their ratings included with all other ratings in the Ratings, Cancellations and Renewals section.

Ratings, Cancellations and Renewals

For each of the major broadcast networks (and The CW) and cable networks I keep track of and discuss the ratings of their shows. It is here that you find the latest news on all shows' ratings, cancellations and renewals. For shows that still have an unknown fate, I'll predict whether they'll get cancelled or renewed.

Spring 2013

Wondering what new shows will be on TV this Spring? You can read all about it here, including preview videos and a review:

Once these shows have premiered, I'll write about the show, including a synopsis and review. Is the show worth watching or not? You can read all about it in these (upcoming) reviews.



  • The Goodwin Games (Comedy)

Midseason 2012-2013

Wondering what shows are going to be presented this Midseason and whether you should watch them? You can read all about it here, including preview videos:

Once the shows have premiered, I will watch them for you and write a synopsis and review. Was it as good as it seemed? Did it disappoint? How many stars out of five does this series get? It's all there in the (upcoming) reviews.

Fall 2012

Here are the previews for the shows that premiered in Fall 2012. They include what the show is about, a trailer for the show and whether I think you should watch it:

And now on to the reviews: Were they really as good or as bad as they seemed? Take a quick glance at the number of stars I have awarded a show or read the entire review:


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