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A Gifted Man: In Case of Loss of Control

Updated on December 19, 2011

In Case of Loss of Control


In Case of Loss of Control

Michael has himself checked out by a Neuro-psychiatrist who tells him he is afraid. He is consulted on a case in which a 17 year old girl, Monica, has an absentee seizure or TIA. Monica is on the pill, smoking and that it causing her to throw clots.

At the free clinic David is brought in for GI upset as he stayed up all night watching horror movies and eating Halloween candy. But he son loses consciousness and has a faint pulse. He is diagnosed with Ecoli. David's mother is rounded up by ICE and deported. David is brought into Holt's hospitaland develop's pulmonary edema.

As always this show has tremendous heart and tackles some of the most difficult social issues facing America. It is inspiring, entertaining and warm hearted. It is perhaps the feel good show of the season.


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