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A Gifted Man: In Case of Exposure

Updated on November 11, 2011

A Gifted Man: In Case of Exposure


A Gifted Man: In Case of Exposure

Michael Holt has it all. He is a top neurosurgeon with his own hospital. Holt has it all including visitations from his ex-wife, Anna, who also happens to be a ghost. Anna has come back into Michael’s life to ask him to help her care for her patients at the free clinic she runs in an impoverished part of town. And much to Holt’s surprise he does actually finds the work of helping Anna's patient to be rewarding.

This show is really uplifting and inspirational as Michael Holt goes from a greedy doctor who only cared about wealthy people to being a doctor who cares about patients who truly need his help. He moves from being focused on materialism to actually being focused on just helping patients.

And while his staff is reluctant to his philanthropic work on behalf of his dead wife, they do eventually joing Michael on his crusade.

I often wondered how critically Anna was to the story line but the conversations between Michael and Anna represent the character's internal struggle between materialism and humanitarianism. And this is a great source of conflict for the character of Michael Holt. As well as the Holt’s ability to deal with having a ghost which is an abstract concept within his neat compartmentalized life. And while Holt is at first neurotic about having the ghost of his wife in his life he seems to welcome her presence. When doing her work with the impoverished and in his own hospital Michael Holt seems to feel more complete. He has definitely become a better member of the medical community, a better physician and a better human being.


Michael sees a young boy who claims to have bruises from skate boarding. They suspect he is being abused. When they call the Father, Ben, he has a fit over a candy machine. The Father has diminished visual fields. Holt orders an MRI and discovered Ben is dying of a brain tumor. Holt offers to take the tumor out and Ben declines treatment opting for death. Now I am certain Ben can be committed for child abuse and forced to have the surgery but the hard sell was not Michael's first move. Michael visits Ben in jail and conj-oles him to have the brain surgery. And as Michael Holt convinces Ben to have the surgery Ben admits to running over his ex-wife Anna.

He is also dealing with a patient who is a female fire fighter who suffers for partial seizures. She is also reluctant to put have tests but Holt requires them. Sad that they call the neurologist and the psychiatrist "EMO". and shrink but i guess it is a term of endearment. It turns out the firer fighter took St. John's Wart with ant- nausea medicines which caused seizures. It was interesting I would love to meet their medical consultantsince cyproheptadine was given which is traditionally an antihistamine which is also used as an appetite stimulant.

Before Michael agrees to perform the surgery he tells Ben that the women he ran over was his ex-wife Anna.

I am stopping this hubs about half way through the show so I don't spoil the shows for the fans.

This is perhaps the best episode of A Gifted Man this entire season. It must be sweeps.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Sunshine625,

      You called that right but the plot line tonight was exceptionally compelling. Forgiveness is almost never a story line on television.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 

      6 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Good show tonight! I wish the docs weren't so darn good looking it distracts me from the storyline! :))


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