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American Idol Concert Season 8 - Buy Tickets Online - Kris Allen LIVE!

Updated on February 12, 2014

American Idol Season 8 Concert Tour Tickets - Buy Online !

American Idol Live Tour concert tickets on sale NOW. Buy tickets online for this Summer's American Idol Season 8 Concert Tour! Information about dates and times... and tickets are available online here. You can buy your tickets through online outlets, such as stubhub, ticketmaster, etc.... Buying your American Idol tickets online is the best way to purchase tickets.

The Top Ten American Idols will be touring the United States this Summer and will most likely be coming to a town or city near you! So - American Idol fans do not want to miss out! So buy your tickets now!

This American Idol Live Concert Tour promises to be the best America Idol Top Ten to perform in concert EVER! Tickets are expected to sell out VERY fast! You will want to purchase your tickets as soon as they are available online - for your town or city.

One of the reasons that the tickets for the American Idol Live Concert Tour will sell out so fast - is obviously because everyone wants to go to this concert... But there's more reason that you may not be aware of that concerts tickets today, sell out so fast!

American Idol Live Concert Tour - Buy Tickets Online To See Your Favorite Top Ten American Idols Perform!

American Idol Top Ten - American Idol Live Concert! See Your Favorite American Idol Contestant Again!

  • David Archuleta
  • Jason Castro
  • Chikezie
  • David Cook
  • Kristy Lee Cook
  • Michael Johns
  • Ramiele Malulay
  • Syesha Mercado
  • Carly Smithson
  • Brook White

Some of your America Idol Top Ten Contestants...

David vs David in the final showdown on American Idol!



At least for now, "The" American Idol - Season 7 has yet to be determined. Regardless - this Summer's American Idol Live Tour totally promises to be the best concert ever given by any season's Top Ten.

I remember going to see the "original Top Ten American Idols perform during their American Idol Live Tour. It was so much fun. Kelly Clarkson won the title that year, with Justin Guarrini as runner-up. We had watched religiously the entire season, even attending some of the shows up in L.A. So we were really into it!

Going to see the American Idols is the perfect thing to do, if you have really had fun following them all season. Everyone has their favorite contestant on American Idol. This is such a fun way to see them all back together again. They have a ton of fun doing these concerts.

Enjoy... I sure did and will!

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