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Banned! David Archuleta's Dad Has Been Banned From Future Meddling on Hit Show - American Idol!

Updated on May 22, 2008

American Idol David Archuleta - Dealing With Banned Dad~

David Archuleta and his dad, Jeff Archuleta - "Stand By Me"...  or else! Who do you think is more into this moment on "David Day"?
David Archuleta and his dad, Jeff Archuleta - "Stand By Me"... or else! Who do you think is more into this moment on "David Day"?
Following this great "Day of David" in Salt Lake City - David Archuleta must now deal with family issues...
Following this great "Day of David" in Salt Lake City - David Archuleta must now deal with family issues...

American Idol Staff Has Banned Archuleta's Dad From Future Rehearsals...

We have all heard the rumors about David Archuleta's dad, Jeff. Apparently he is one of "those" backstage parents, that give all parents involved in their children's lives a bit too much - a really bad name!

On the heels of David Archuleta's big hometown celebration "David's Day" - The Associate Pressed has just released the story about David Archuleta's father being banned backstage on American Idol and from all future American Idol T.V. Show rehearsals! That's rough!

According to Deseret News out of Salt Lake City, Utah:

"Jeff Archuleta was told this week by producers that he can no longer join his 17-year-old son David as he prepares for the show, the person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press. The person wasn't authorized to comment publicly and spoke on the condition of anonymity."

Further reports on the story, indicate that Jeff Archuleta's continual meddling backstage was becoming much too intense. American Idol staff, from what is understood, repeatedly tried to work with David Archuleta's father, prior to this decision being made - to actually ban David's dad.

Deseret News also went on to say:

"Jeff Archuleta's intense backstage involvement had become a source of concern for the series, the person connected with "American Idol" said — but it was a lyric change on Tuesday's show that pushed producers to act."

Apparently David's dad insisted on a lyric change to the song "Stand By Me", where he added in the words referencing "beautiful girls". This change costs American Idol big and this is what brought about a final showdown with David Archuleta's dad and American Idol executives!

Fox has declined any comments on this incident. As well, neither David Archuleta nor any of his family members thus far - are making any statements.

Fans of David Archuleta have got to really feel for him right now....

I really like David Archuleta. He is a very nice Mormon boy.

Too bad, that he must deal with this kind of crud at such a young age and during such a great time in his career.

Lets all hope that David Archuleta's dad, Jeff Archuleta will take the correction given, make it right - and try to enjoy what is happening to his "son" and not him!

Families can take a hit and learn - then move on. Lets all hope that for the future career of not only David Archuleta, but for a happy future with the Archuleta family altogether... they can show America - that they can work it out as a family, and move together, toward the really awesome career of their son David Archuleta - American Idol hopeful!

Update: 5/21 David Archuleta was interviewed today and asked point blank about the rumors and what had happened on American Idol with his dad, Jeff Archuleta...

David seemed really perplexed by all the sensationalism that surrounded the story and noted that a lot of rumors were out there. He said that his dad is a great guy! So, perhaps we are all wrong about Jeff Archuleta. David said that the first thing his dad said to him after the finale, was that he was really proud of David. (big David grin)

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So, what do you think about this story?

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    • profile image

      Dani 9 years ago

      i lolve that smile that he has all the time and he is so hot i want to give the teddy bear a hug

    • Write On! profile image

      Write On! 10 years ago from United States


      Thanks for the link. My article here never said he was banned from attending the show, which is what this article isolates.

      David Archuleta's father has been banned from rehearsals and all that has to do with his performances and imput for said...

      "keep out" "banned" "not allowed" Come on, this is semantics. Jeff Archuleta is not allowed anywhere behind the scenes and this has nothing to do with some inference that Jeff Arhuleta is a professional. Jeff is a backstage dad with a history. This is fact.

      I don't write speculation. Strib is assisting with positive marketing for the Archuleta's - nothing more. Fine.

      The AP fully checked out this story before reporting. For right now, I am going with the AP on this story. I consider AP credible.

      A coaches interview, for me right now - is "his" or "her" take on the situation. No one is being critical of David Archuleta or his father here. Just reporting what was reported from a credible source.

      Remember, David Archuleta, Jeff Archuleta... nor American Idol have spoken publcally, yet.

      When and if they do - we can put the cap on this report.

      Thank you for commenting and sharing this link. I appreciated knowing about this.

      I will update this story, If we get an official statement which contradicts or supports the original (seemingly) credible story.

      Write On!

    • profile image

      lk08 10 years ago

      I suspected this was not true. Here is a link to an article today with his vocal coach telling what really happened.

    • marisuewrites profile image

      marisuewrites 10 years ago from USA

      I hope people will be fair...and I was actually referring to possible future comments. So many buzz right to the religion and you did mention he was Mormon...(not saying you were critical.)

      I've seen some pretty over-enthusiastic parents regarding the talent of their kids...LOL as a school teacher I shivered sometimes...thinking -- cheer them on but don't cross over and "be them."

      David is talented and seems clean cut..sincere, very likeable...hope Dad steps out of the picture Thanks for writing this HUB, I think you gave a good description of the situation...

    • Write On! profile image

      Write On! 10 years ago from United States

      marisuewrites -

      I don't believe anyone is blaming David Archulets, nor has brought religion into the conversation before your mention of it. But, I do agree with you. Nonetheless, I think most Americans are smart enough not to judge a 17 year old, by the actions of parent.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Write On!

    • marisuewrites profile image

      marisuewrites 10 years ago from USA

      This kind of thing happens in many families and seems to permeate "star" families. Let's not blame David, nor his Church. One can only do, what one can do...

      It seems to be this family's dynamic...they will deal with it I'm sure. I'm voting for David due to his singing ability!! Who cares about the dad's behavior at this point? Not David's fault. Sing on! David

    • Write On! profile image

      Write On! 10 years ago from United States

      desert blondie -

      Great advice! Learning from others unfortunate experiences is smart.

      Write On!

    • desert blondie profile image

      desert blondie 10 years ago from Palm trees, swimming pools, lots of sand, lots of sunscreen

      Take a lesson, Jeff A., remember MacAuley Caulkin!!! (The darling "Home Alone" young actor whose father just couldn't let the pros do what the pros needed to do. Ruined the boy's career, ruined the family and their finances. Glad the Idol big-wigs stepped in...David probably torn, but relieved!

    • Write On! profile image

      Write On! 10 years ago from United States

      Hi Claire -

      I agree with your report on TMZ being big on gossip, but... this story has been confirmed by the AP. The Associated Press is very very reputable in most all case.

      This is not the first time that David Archuleta's father has had similar problems. It is my understanding that he also was banned when David Archuleta was on Star Search.

      I visited your suggested site. This story is also confirmed there as well. Thank you for commenting, as well as providing a resource.

      But, this story is true, credible and simple honest reporting of a very unfortunate situation for David Archuleta.

      Once again, I wish the Arhculeta family the best, in hopes that they can work this out in the future.

      Write On!

    • profile image

      Claire 10 years ago

      But then with only 2 weeks left in the competition I can't help but think this may be a smear campaign against david and his family. TMZ are, and I will quote a "rumored filled site-they twist what a source says to fit the feeling of their story" Any one with a brain will not listen to this rubbish that this amoral bunch of people publish!! All David archuleta fans need to visit the site and read the article by Frederick posted 11 May to set the record straight.

    • Write On! profile image

      Write On! 10 years ago from United States

      Hi GeorgiaKevin -

      Wow.... that is not a very good review of parents, in these circumstances - is it? I know that is your personal experience, but I fear that your experience with working with parents and "gifted" children is far too common.

      When my children were elementary school age (years ago now:-) and PTA, soccer, girl scouts etc... were the thing - I wanted to just run the other way. Not because I didn't want my children to have these experiences, but because of the many of these types of parents who seem to gravitate to "group" activity for their children.

      I wonder why this is? Frankly I feel very bad for the children of these overly-interested parents out there.

      Now, saying that - I too am certain that there are balanced parents too. But, you are right - they are very difficult to find.

      Are these just proud parents? Maybe we need to cut some slack here, eh? LOL

      But right now, I really do feel for David Archuleta who is nothing like his dad under these circumstances...

      Write On!

    • Georgiakevin profile image

      Georgiakevin 10 years ago from Central Georgia

      For about 4 years in Washington State and California I acted in community theater. In every show we had at least one stage parent and sometimes up to 5. All of the parents were concerned that some Hollywood talent scout would discover their pride and joy at one of our shows, even up in a little town in a little theater across the Sound from Seattle. All the parents were annoying and distracted from rehersals and the shows. I am sure there must be at least one nice stage parent somewhere. I just have never met them.

      I teach at a high School and in 11 years I have seen Sports Mamas and Sports Papas who are convinced that their child is God's gift to the athletic world even if Junior can't follow his coaches's directions. I have met a few Sports mamas and Papas I have liked but not many.