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David Cook WINS American Idol In A Surprise Final Round BLOW!

Updated on February 12, 2014



After last night's amazing American Idol Season finale competition, where there was no question, according to all three judges, that David Archuleta won the competition... DAVID COOKS TAKES HOME THE TITLE OF AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 7 WINNER!

You can even download mp3 recordings of all of David Cook's songs that he performed on American Idol. This way, you won't need to wait for the first CD. You can download the music on itunes.

David Cook, according to Internet polls - showed the lead in votes throughout most of the second half of the season. David Cook now claims the coveted Title of American Idol Season 7 WINNER!

Another ROCKER has WON! I told my husband last night, that I agreed with the judges decision that clearly David Archuleta won the competition last night against David Cook, but.... I would definitely be buying David Cook's first CD. Personally, I like David Cook's style and yet I recognized the amazing star quality and gift of David Archuleta.

I think it is quite interesting the way the judges did their manipulative flip-flop from David Cook last week to David Archuleta this week. No doubt, this was to send out a huge signal to all David Cooks fans to vote their pants off last night... and - it worked!

Every rumor out there online, is that American Idol executives did not want David A to win and were pulling for David Cook to win American Idol Season 7. I guess all the crud with dealing with David A's dad was just more than the executives at American Idol could handle.

Well, American Idol Executives sure know how to manipulate their audience, don't they... cuz David Cook IS THE NEW AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 7 WINNER!



Write On!

Watch all three of David Cook's Finale Videos:

David Cook "The World I Know"

American Idol - The Two Davids Will Battle This Thing Out To The Finish!

David Archuleta and David Cook standing side-by-side: Lets the games begin boys!
David Archuleta and David Cook standing side-by-side: Lets the games begin boys!
It is looking like the battle of the Davids!  Two polar opposites for sure...
It is looking like the battle of the Davids! Two polar opposites for sure...
David Archuleta Jason Castro Chikezie David Cook Kristy Lee Cook Michael Johns Ramiele Malulay Syesha Mercado Carly Smithson Brook White
David Archuleta Jason Castro Chikezie David Cook Kristy Lee Cook Michael Johns Ramiele Malulay Syesha Mercado Carly Smithson Brook White

American Idol Top Ten Finalist Season Seven- Going On Tour!

Here are the top 10 going on the Tour (in alphabetical order):

  • David Archuleta - voted off 5/21
  • Jason Castro - voted off 5/7
  • Chikezie - voted off 3/26
  • David Cook - WINNER!
  • Kristy Lee Cook - voted off 4/16
  • Michael Johns - voted off 4/9
  • Ramiele Malulay - voted off 4/2
  • Syesha Mercado - voted off 5/14
  • Carly Smithson - voted off 4/23
  • Brook White - voted off 4/30

Who will be the next American Idol contestant to get voted off the show? We will keep track here. How much will their weekly choices of songs, have to do with who gets kicked off American Idol?

Warning: Choose Well Your Song Idols!

So, now that it is all said and done, did song choice make or break these American idol Contestants. What did you think about David Cook's song choices overall?

David Cook VERSUS David Archuleta! Top Two American Idol Finale


American Idol Results Show: 5/14

Well... we were right all along! It will be DAVID vs DAVID in the final showdown on American Idol Season 7!

As expected - we say goodbye to Syesha on American Idol. Syesha had the least votes this week, and so she is the latest "cast-off" on American Idol Season 7.

Internet polls are giving the top votes this week to David Cook. It is now believed that those who voted for Syesha, will now determine the winner of American idol. How the split will go - is any-one's guess.

This should be a great finale on American Idol. Probably the best ever!

The American Idol Finale will be a two night even, next week. I still really don't know just "how" we will compare these two really great performers.

If you have any ideas... let us all know?

Who are you going to vote for and why?

Write On!

American idol Final Three:

It was David and David... and Syesha, tonight on American Idol... No doubt, Syesha will be the one to go this week. In fact, Paula Abdul even said so. She told Syesha, that her performance tonight would not bring her back - in so many words.

Does it matter how the David's even did tonight? I mean - everyone knows and has known, that David Archuleta and David Cook - would meet up against one another in the final showdown on American Idol.

The judges were pretty transparent tonight - in my opinion. What was with Simon Cowell tonight? Did he have a fight with his girlfriend? Poor David Archuleta, who was near perfect all evening - could not seem to pull out a descent comment from Simon Cowell.

On the other hand, David Cook - who forgot his game tonight... had no problem getting along with Simon. Go figure. For this viewer, Simon Cowell lost complete credibility tonight. David Cook did not have a great night on American Idol tonight. In fact, for some reason - over the last couple weeks - I think David Cook has been losing momentum. That's not saying, that he won't and can't win this thing.

But here is the deal... Simon is usually "spot on" when it comes to judging. I think, that is why so many people actually like him. He even says it himself... "I say what most people are thinking".

Most of the time, he is right on. Not tonight though. David Archuleta clearly hit a triple play with his three performances tonight. The combination of his three song choices, had a masterful effect in speaking (or singing) to his entire audience.

There is no doubt, that David Archuleta has a very wide fan-base. Each song selection that David Archuleta sang tonight - surely hit home with a part of his audience. All I can say - is way to go David!

But David Cook, was all over the place tonight and never really nailed even one of his performances. It seem to take him almost half of each song - to really get into it. Sorry, but that's too late at this point in the competition.

It was pretty obvious who, each of the judges were pushing for... not pulling. Simon Cowell was the most ridiculous and obvious one about it all.

One cannot help but wonder, if the whole fiasco with David Archuleta's dad, Jeff Archuleta - is having an effect on "how" American Idol executives are feeling about potentially having to work with David Archuleta and his "dad" in the future, if he is voted the next American idol Season 7.

David Archuleta is now 17. But, that still means another year with dear old dad in the middle....

Well, these are just a few of my thoughts, that struck as I was watching tonight's performances, hearing the judges comments and thinking about everything going on behind the scenes.

Did you see the show tonight? Did anyone else think any of the things I thought too?

Write On!

P.S. Oops! Syesha gave a nice show for third place. She has really grown. I was really surprised with her opportunity to pick her own song - and then she chose "Fever"? What? I suspect she knew that this was her last week... so why not do a public "audition" for Broadway? After all, that is how the judges have been pushing her lately. The girl is certainly no dummy. I wish her well. She really brought it home that last half of Idol.

Breaking News From American Idol: 5/9

Reports are flooding the Internet, as the AP reports that David Archuleta's father, Jeff Archuleta, has been banned from the American Idol rehearsals and has also lost his coveted backstage pass!

This came, apparently while David Archuleta went home to Salt Lake City, Utah - for his celebration of "David Day"! Bumber...

American Idol Update: 5/7

So much for Internet polls. We will not be citing these again. Brooke White was voted off of American Idol as the most recent cast off. This week, common sense tells us - that it will be Jason who is the one to go!

Did you see American Idol this week? Come on... Simon told Jason to just pack his bags. I had to agree. It was actually quite pathetic. Syesha gave a nice show this week. David Cook was just not himself. Don't know what was up with that?

But, David Archuleta was amazing on American Idol this week! Simon Cowell said that David Archuleta "crushed the competition"!

Contestants sang two songs this week. The theme was rock n roll! You would have thought, that the song selections would have been great by the contestants. David Archuleta was the only one, who brought it home. Not only with song choice, but by also his performance of the songs that he chose.

David Archuleta began the night by singing Ben E. Kings, "Stand By Me" -- and the girls went wild! He followed that, with none other than the "King", Elvis Presley's song, "Love Me Tender". Both were a hit!

Each week up until now, on American Idol - I feel like it has been a see-saw going back and forth between David Archuleta and David Cook. Tonight however - David Archuleta was the clear winner!

American Idol results show, will be no big surprise. Like I said before - no doubt Jason is outta there. It was almost rude of him to have performed with such carelessness tonight. It was pathetic!

One could not help but wonder, how some of the other Idol contestants must have felt watching Jason tonight? It really appeared as though Jason is simply "over it" - before he even started. Other contestants that have already been voted off, have worked much harder than Jason - and really should have had his coveted position in the final four. I'm not sure who has been voting for him, but after tonight - they really ought to be embarrassed if they keep it up!

Sorry, but I am with Simon on this one... Jason, pack yer bags sonny!

Write On!

This week I am only posting the two songs that David Archuleta sang... below.

Internet Polling update: 4/30

ZABASEARCH.COM is reporting that David Cook received the most text and phone-call responses of any other contestant, with Syesha receiving the least...

Check back later and lets see how accurate these Internets "polls" actually are - and if we can trust them in the future for accurate information?


American Idol Update and Review: 4/29

Paul Abdul decided to announce following David Cook's performance on American Idol this week - that she felt as though she were looking at the next American Idol...

Do you think she is right on, or perhaps Paula simply was revealing her personal preference between the two Davids? After all, David Cook is much closer to her age. LOL

But really - will voters ultimately be divided by age groups, thus music preferences? I have heard it said, that David Archuleta has all the votes from the young teeny bopper girls and their mothers -- so what does that leave for David Cook?

If this is, what it really comes down to in the end, and it might be the only way to really get a final decision - I think young girls with cell phones just might have the edge on all other groups of potential voters in the final showdown on American Idol.

Because, really... can we actually compare the Davids side by side in any reasonable and fair way?

I have posted two of this weeks performance videos; first David Archuleta - "America"; second, David Cook - "All I Really Need Is You"... enjoy:-)


I have a question??? How in the heck is America supposed to vote for one or the other... David Archuleta or David Cook, when they are complete polar opposites when it comes to music styles, and they are both amazing?

How will you decide which of the two Davids should be the next American Idol?

David Archuleta is most likely destined to face off in the finals on American Idol

David Archuleta and David Cook Look Like They Will Be Facing Off In The Finals On American Idol!

American Idol Update: 4/23

No question we are having a battle between the two Davids on American Idol - David Cook and David Archuleta have shown once again this week on American Idol, that they are still the two to beat!

Results from this week's voting on American Idol - had Carly and Syesha in the bottom two, with Carly leaving American Idol this week.

Actually, I was quite surprised with the voting this week. Brook White, if they had had three focused on for the least votes this week - would have been next... But I felt that either Syesha or perhaps Brooke might have gone before Carly - but hey, what do I know? LOL

I know that the two Davids are headed for the finals and I will continue to stand by this prediction of which I have been fore-seeing for quite some time.

David Cook shows himself to be top with votes, according to Internet polling. It is a definite battle between the guys... as it was David Archuleta just recently who was pulling the most votes.

We will just keep watching as always these two Davids battle this thing out...




Well, after tonight's performances on American Idol - I am more convinced than ever, that we will be seeing the two Davids in the final showdown on American Idol.

I really don't see any surprises in the distant future. American Idol contestants have had ample time to step it up and let America know that they might also be contenders for the final American Idol showdown.

Both David Archuleta and David Cook deserve to be the last remaining two in this reviewers opinion. As shocking as it was to see Michael John's be voted off of American Idol so soon - I still did not believe that he would be one of the last two competitors.

Results show tomorrow night will be anyone's guess after such a twist last week.

For those interested in seeing the two Davids performances tonight -- I will post the videos as soon as they come available online.

David Archuleta had an evening tonight that was described as "the Bomb" and Davd Cook appears to have clearly come out on top tonight. I think we are heading for the best finals American Idol has yet to see. Songs from tonight's perfomance were written by Mariah Carey. Interesting enough,the guys did overall better than the girls. Most likely because it was not as easy to make comparisons with how Mariah Carey originally recorded her songs.


American Idol Top Finalist Must Turn Up The Volume If They Want To Stay In The Game!

Last week's results show:

People are calling it the biggest upset in Idol history! Totally unexpected was Michael John's being voted off. Michael Johns had never been in the bottom three before. Considering that many felt that Michael was a contender for the very final showdown - his being voted off is huge!

The chances of David Archuleta and David Cook being in the final showdown continue to increase. At this point - I don't think any of the other American Idol contestants would create a solid competiton for the final this year. With the quality of those who made it into the top ten this year - still, there are stand outs, even in this group.

Both of the David's are serious competiton for one another and I imagine if you asked either one of them who they think they need to worry about the most... both of them would say - "David".

Lets watch tonights American Idol where the final seven will compete for the top six spots, which will keep them in the running still...

Idol Latest Update: 4/10

Last weeks polls showed David Archuleta had reclaimed his first place position as the Idol to win! Most likely, nothing has changed that this week. David Archuleta brought home a solid performance and by the judges standards - the best song choice thus far in the competition. Simon said he was being a bit nit-picking about David Archuleta's performance, only because he knew that he would sail on through to nexts week competition.

On the other hand, David Cook had the judges disagreeing with one another. It is most likely going to be impossible for David Cook to even come close to his performance of "Billy Jean" of a few weeks ago. For me, that is still the best single performance of any of the idols thus far...

Apparently, Michael John's is a close third as the other idol contestant that still has time, perhaps - to pull out some performances that could match our top two horses! I still think that we are most likely looking at the two David's as our final showdown.

What do you think? Do you think Michael has a shot, or any of the girls of getting to the finals? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


It is becoming glaring obvious, that this competition will most likely come down to David Archuleta and David Cook in the finals on American Idol... What is difficult here - is that it is really hard to compare them when placing side-by-side. They are both great, but they are miles apart in style. This is really going to be, most likely the best final American Idol has ever heard or seen... great talent in the top ten overall.


David Cook is proving himself to be very authentic as a rocker on American Idol this season with his arrangement of Billy Jean - Molten HOT!
David Cook is proving himself to be very authentic as a rocker on American Idol this season with his arrangement of Billy Jean - Molten HOT!
Carly has a great voice, but according to the judges - has not made a right song choice, yet.
Carly has a great voice, but according to the judges - has not made a right song choice, yet.
A shocking results show when Michael Johns was voted off...
A shocking results show when Michael Johns was voted off...

Making Music With The Fans Has Everything To Do With Picking The Right Song On American Idol!

American Idol David's Most Likely Heading For A Showdown!

4/3 update: 

Dolly Parton songs were the song choices for the American Idol contestants this week. It was actually quite fun to see Dolly work with the Idols on their song choices.

Performances for all contestants this week were acceptable. No one in my opinion had a break-out performance like David Cook did last week when he did his version of "Billy Jean" - not even David. But David Cook was exceptionally consistent with his performance this week on American Idol.

David Cooks song choice this week was quite interesting. He performed it very well and the judges absolutely loved it. But, Simon said is was not last week's performance... and most would agree that it was not molten hot... but a hot performance nonetheless.

David Cook is most likely, the front runner right now... maybe. David Archuleta sang "Smokey Mountain Memories" as his choice of song for the American Idol competition. David Archuleta, was pure butter last night when he sang Dolly's song. During rehearsal, it was apparent that Dolly was most likely moved by David's redition of one of her songs, more than any other.

Although, Dolly did apply for a songwriters job, with David Cook... she feels that she could write David Cook some really great songs in the future. Wouldn't that be interesting? But, hey... Dolly Parton is first a songwriter and then after the packaging - an entertainer. Everyone loves Dolly Parton though... and it was really fun to see her on American Idol.

I was not sorry to see Ramiele voted off the show... or really, not get enough votes to stay on the show. This was expected. What was not expected was to see Brooke White in the bottom three this early in final competition. It will be interesting to see what she does next week to take back some of her votes from others who are most likely pulling them away...

Another week on idol... song choices were okay. No break outs... and all is well.

Carly did a really nice job with her song, but it is much to risky to do a Whitney Houston song, when you are not established... but it was nice - just like Simon said:-)



American Idol has come to the part of the show that the Top Ten Finalist are now established. I am a fan of both David Archuleta Brooke White, who both just happen to be Mormons...

Both David and Brooke have made the coveted group as Top Ten Finalists. Both David Archuleta and Brooke White have made one bad so choice to date.

David Archuleta came back last week and redeemed himself when Randy announced that David Archuleta's hotness was back! What about Brooke White now? Was she ever hot? Not in the way David is hot... Brooke White according to the judges is pure, worthy, sweet as pie! LOL

Can Brooke White keep the sun shining on her from Randy, Paula and Simon this week? Simon was rough... he was honest letting Brooke know that it was awful! So, Brooke better give Simon something nice he can say this week. We will all be watching, cuz we like that Mormon cutie-pie Brooke White.

Interesting, she is many peoples favorite Idol or at least a top three choice. So, come Brooke... pick a good song - because Simon Says "Song Choice" is everything!

Song choice and delivery of that choice... how an idol sells themselves through that song of choice is the key to success... but, lets keep watching.


Idol Report:

On American Idol, Simon Cowell told David Archuleta that he was getting boring. What? Yeah... he made some derogatory comment about David Archuleta's song choice that he had picked to sing.

Apparently, Simon Cowell felt is was not a good song choice for David to be singing right now. Well, maybe it didn't do much for Simon Cowell.... but did you hear the girls swooning in the audience when David Archuleta performed his rendition of "Just Another Day with You and Me In Paradise" by Phil Collins.

I don't think what "Simon Says" on this one is going to go too far with David Archuleta's fans!

David Cook - American Idol , Little Sparrow - Hot!


There was also some talk about David Archuleta - suggesting that he should not have played his keyboard on this same show...

Isn't this a contest about music and finding new talent for the American people, so that we can enjoy music even more - through actual "new" musical talent?

New talent, that also happens to have music talent - as their source for entertaining the masses. I personally - would think that David Archuleta - showing off his music abilities as being so versatile, would be a positive for him or any other American Idol contestant, and not necessarily the actual choice of what song a contestant chooses to sing.

And yet, from what the expert judges have to say and teach us... song choice is major important and can either make or break an upcoming star!


As each week goes by, these young and talented performers of music - must show off their individual personalities through their music and the very important song choices that they alone make.

One wonders after watching a few seasons of American Idol... if these musicians truly believe how important song choices really are. Randy, Paula and Simon seem to pound this issue into the contestants heads on a weekly and seasonal basis. They understand the power that this music choice, of the songs that these American Idol wanna be's are... in their literal ability to survive from week to week.

One bad song choice, for even the best of these singers - could easily be their prelude to being voted off. Because when it comes to the opportunity that is given these contestants... a second chance is rare!

Music And Lyrics.... Remembering Just How Important A Song Is...

"Music and Lyrics" A Proven Match Made In Heaven

I loved the movie that came out last year "Music and Lyrics" - staring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore... whom I adore!

It told the adorable story of just how important music and lyrics are in love-making or making us love an artist!

Hugh Grant's character in this movie and his entire ability to revive his music career had everything to do with the right song and the right lyrics to accompany his music.

In comes Drew Barrymore, with her amazing ability to come up with incredibly relevant lyrics..... which shocked both she and Grant in the movie!

I think we would all agree... at least those of us that fell for that movie - that music and the lyrics were the powerful combination that caused us to fall in love with this romantic movie couple -- that taught us the power of music and lyrics... and ultimately LOVE!

Music Choice Is How A Singer Makes A Connection With Their Fans - And This Is Done One Fan At A Time...

I think it is apparent that people really do care about the song choices that the American Idol Contestants make.

The critics basically likes David Archuleta and feels that he can get a way with making fairly safe music choices for the most part -- thinking he is definitely going to slide in the home-plate in the end...

But nonetheless - song choice and our ability to be affected by music -- is so important when it comes to how we are influenced and who we are willing to fall in love with.

Archuleta Update:

David Archuleta, when singing Smokey Mountain Memories, brought down the house for everyone on American Idol last night. It was not a breakout performance, but it was so David Archuleta! David Archuleta, at 17 - must be taken note of as more than a good singer. Dolly Parton, who is a star herself - could easily see that David Archuleta is something quite special in the field of music. I expect that even if David Archuleta does not take home the top trophy on American Idol... he will be around longer than any other contestant that we have ever witnessed or that American Idol has produced, thus far...

David Archuleta is simply butter - the gold kind!

American Idol Contestant David Archuleta Sings... "Smokey Mountain Memories" - Butter!

SO... Apparently Song Choice is HUGELY Important to ALL Those Who Are Watching And Listening To American Idol Each Week.

Therefore... upon my understanding of the importance of the choosing of the right song for each of these American Idols.... has caused me to want to follow this phenomenon of music to see and hear just how this actually goes down IN WHO is the next American Idol.

A lot of people are pulling for David Archuleta - thinking that he is a shoe - in... but WHAT IF

Mormon Hottie David Archuleta really blows it on one of his important opportunities for making a song choice that counts and he then loses votes even momentarily?

So... as we really undertand this whole American Idol crowning... perhaps is does have EVERYTHING to DO with picking the right song and connecting through music with the fans.... to then


Here are some song suggestions from a crazy fan... ENJOY!

Brooke White Audio Version Of Here Comes the Sun... Not Bad?

Isn't this interesting? Put this same song in the studio only, record it without the yellow dress, awkward dancing and attempted improv - and it is now quite a different performance...

This leads us to another predicament... Is it then really only song choice, song presentation or the performance of a song, that has the power in what the potential of the song an American Idol chooses will be? If so, is how and what an artist then does with that choice of song in order to connect with their fans make all the difference?

Are we talking about song choices as the major determining factor with an artist connecting with their fans, or how that artist "speaks" that song choice to their audience being what is the deciding force as to what we as fans want to hear 'our' idol sing?

Does your favorite American Idol Contestant then, choose the right song and then know how to speak it to you in the right language... that being a language that is familiar and comfortable to you?

Can you relate? Is this getting too personal?


Brooke White - Here Comes The Sun, Studio Version... What Do YOU Think Now? About Her Song Choice? Hmm?


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