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Burn Notice: Perception

Updated on December 2, 2011

Burn Notice: Perception

Michael Weston is being handled by the psychiatrist who works for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). This handler set Michael up to be burned and Fiona up as well. The handler’s name is Anson. Weston is being blackmailed by Anson and if Michael doesn’t do what Anson wishes then Fiona goes to jail.

Most disturbing is Anson has killed four people including Madeline’s boyfriend and Michael has to explain to Maddy that Anson had substituted for her shrink. He used that information the gleened form their therapy sessons to make Madeline’s boyfriend, Benny, to able to manipulate her and burn Michael. When Michael tells Madeline she is very angry with him for keeping this a secret from her. Obviously Weston has under estimated his Mother.

Meanwhile Jessie and Fiona have to go the Cayman Islands and pick up some money for Anson. They black mail a very naughty banker to do their bidding.

And Sam has a visit from an old friend from Bogotá by the name of Beatrice. Beatirce has written an article on an oil company’s ties to Russia. She has inadvertently exposed a Russian spy. And for this deed he is trying to kill her.

So Sam makes an appointment with the head of the FBI to see if they can take care of Anson.

And Michael has to trust Anson to profile the Russian spy who is after Beatrice but Anson has conditions. He wants full access to Michael’s thought processes. Oddly, I would think this would be a golden opportunity to deceive Anson. Also with Anson on the ride a longs it would also seem quite simple to allow him to get hit with a rogue bullet. But somehow Michael is so consumed with Anson in his head that he doesn’t see the obvious way out. Until Michael figures out Anson in his head is an advantage then he will continue to lose to Anson.

It is amazing that Burn Notice acknowledges that we have foreign spies on USA soil. It is not a very good case for national security and amazingly Russian intelligence thinks Weston is a CIA operative.

As with all the shows I watch I stop half way through as not to spoil the ending for you.


Without flashbacks, we get to see how much effect Anson is having on Weston. And I don’t want to ruin it for you but this episode is excellent especially in the last 15 minutes. Actually Michael’s friends and Mother are all affected by Anson. Michael is in therapy under duress with Anson.

There are two episodes left before the season ends. And this show is really fantastic!!


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