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Burn Notice Returns November 3, 2011

Updated on November 2, 2011

Burn Notice November 3, 2011


Burn Notice Returns November 3, 2011

Michael Weston returns on Burn Notice on November 3, 2011 at 10pm EST. We finally discover who burned Michael and why. He was chosen to be a covert operative and his handler has finally found the leverage he needs to make Michael work covertly, Fiona.

Burn Notice has been through a metamorphosis as it was at first a two dimensional show with a lot of witty banter but now the characters are three dimensional, the scripts are very well written and executed and thank goodness the witty banter still chimes through. Each of the actors have given a riveting performance this year which has been far superior to their previous performance.

There are also subtleties within this show which make it much more dramatic as Michael and his Mother have grown closer and therefore his relationship with Fiona has also blossomed. It is the one show which eludes to the fact that trade craft is more about good friendships then about bad ones. This is a story not often told about CIA operatives but is in fact a truth which is not really known. So Burn Notice has not only lived up to being a vivacious wonderful television series but it has also injected some humanity and truth into the reality of the show.

And so far this season has been spectacular and I have every hope it will finish phenomenally this season as well.

A little character analysis…

Sam is an ex-navy seal who use to inform on Michael to the FBI but has turned out to be Michale’s best buddy as well as a pretty good baby sister of Mike’s Mom, Maddy.

Fiona is an ex-IRA soldier who is an expert in explosives. She is a former and current lover of Michael and perhaps his greatest weakness.

Maddy is Michael’s Mom who always manages to get looped into spy work which usually provides some comic relief.

Jessie is a former DEA agent that Michael burned but restored his reputation. Jessie works private security and is quite wealthy compared to the entire rest of the lot. He is perhaps Michael’s best hope for getting out of the mess he is in this season.

So tune in November 3, 2011 on US at 10pm EST to see how Michael manages to get out of the secret covert agency in which he has been recruited by black mail and return to his work as a CIA operative.

Burn Notice Trailer


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