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Burn Notice: Necessary Evil

Updated on November 17, 2011

Burn Notice


Burn Notice: Necessary Evil

Michael has just deleted Anson from the CIA computer data base. He has no idea the ramifications of his actions. But he did it to protect his girlfriend Fiona. Michael was black mailed into it. But Fiona is determined to break Michael free of Anson’s grasp.

And the character of Michael has changed from a battle hardened operative who detested his Mother, loathed his explosive girlfriend and detested his former buddy Sam. He is actually embracing his Mother, Madeline, who is a lot less of a hypochondriac.

And while Fiona is full of fire and still loves the explosive, Michael seems to appreciate her as well if not out right has fallen in love with her. Actually Michael is far more interested in what Fiona then he has ever been before.

Jesse a former burn agent is now working in the private security game but still does Michael many favors including lending the Porsche out frequently. In many ways Jesse’s cars are always the communal car.

Madeline has been trained in the spy craft by both Sam and Jesse. She is quite good and is often willing to help out her son Michael. Madeline is actually quite good.

Sam is always helping Michael out and also helps keep Madeline safe frequently. Sam also helps Madeline out around the house.

Agent Pearce is Michael’s handler at the CIA where he is still working off the books. And Michael’s security clearance has been raised to SCI.

Burn Notice: Necessary Evil


Fiona and Michael break into an office building to try and steal intelligence on Anson. They have quite a comical moment when they are caught by security. Anson was making encrypted calls to Michael mother's boyfriend Benny.

Meanwhile Agent Pearce has a job for Michael in Liberia. Michael ends up being Jesse and Sam's handler for the CIA on the Liberia company. Odd the agency would require Sam and Jesse to do agency work when they aren't on the payroll. It is really odd considering Jesse is in the private security business.

Joesph Kamba is a lunatic warlord that is building a missile. Mr. Resnick is being held hostage to build the missile and his daughter is also being held hostage. Kamba takes Jesse hostage.

Michael sends Fiona in to save Renick's daughter and Michael has to break it to her that Benny is an asset being run by a spy. Madeline doesn't believe her son.

Sam tries to make it in with an arsenal hidden in his truck but Kamba will not allow the truck in so Sam and Jesse are forced to improvise. They convince Resnick to burn himself so they have to stay and be help him.

Madeline discovers Benny is and asset spying on her son. And she plants the bug in his house herself.

They bring Resnick's daughter to the missile testing sight.

I have ended my summaries and reviews half way through all of the shows. It was my hope not to spoil the show for the viewers.

What I can tell you is that this episode was excellent. The performances were superb and in particular Coby Bell's and Sharon Glesson's performances stood out.


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