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Burn Notice: Damned If You Do

Updated on November 3, 2011

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Burn Notice


Burn Notice: Damned If You Do.

The secret agency that is more covert and clandestine then the CIA has now recruited Michael with the only tool they had to make him join, leverage for his love for Fiona. Michael is now an asset which means he is still working off the books with even more dangerous assignments. Ironically that makes him more valuable as a spy and less reliable as a son, friend and lover. But Weston knew when he joined that he was never to have close ties or relationships because they would be used as pressure points against him.

It is well played taking a spy and burning him, isolating him and then once they he finds footing and relationships to use those against him to continue making him work his trade craft. But Michael now has to let go of all that and just focus on the mission so he can get out. It would seem the message of the show is a spy is burned to soften them and once softened they are more malleable in the agencies causes.

Of course there is always an easy out off this situation and that is to simply expose the organization and find its pressure points. To be more trouble then one’s worth and be an anarchists would be in Michael’s best interest. And still yet he could just be a bad operative and he would be through as well. So there must be more to the plot line then one can imagine because no one knows better then an intelligence agent how to sour the milk so to speak. No one in intelligence gets in unless they already know how to get out. It is the first rule of intelligence is always have a way out no mater what.

So I imagine we will enjoy watching Weston find his way out and home to the people he loves.

Burn Notice Triler


Anson has Michael going after a computer program named void bot in order to erase his name and bank accounts out of the CIA computer data base. Michael has to travel to Puerto Rico to obtain the program from the programmer. Fiona also goes with Michael. They manage to grab Oswald a computer genius living under an assigned alias and they bring him back to Miami. Michael threatens to let Oswald go so his enemies can find him.

Xavier the drug dealer is also after Oswald.

Jesse and Sam continue teaching Madeline spy craft so she can steal information from the police to find out if they know anything about Fiona. Madeline is just hysterical and good at spy craft. Although the police have nothing Anson assures both Jesse and Sam they will have all they need to convict Fiona if Michael fails at his mission.

Oswald initially sets Michael up to get caught but then changes his mind at the last minute and decides to spare Michael. The set Xavier up to get tagged and and hunted down by the FBI.

It is good to have Burn Notice back on the air and during the regular Fall season makes it quite a treat. It is also wonderful that Michael has love in his life. It is strange Weston gets his security clearance from the State Department.

Anson still has his claws in Michael.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Good Day My Friend Eiddwen,

      It is an honour having you as my first commentor on this hub. Thansk for the vote up and I appreciate the time you toook to read, comment and provide feedback. Do you get this show in the UK?

      I bet you can get it on Hulu.

      Thank you I will try and you take care as well and have an excellent day as well.


    • Eiddwen profile image


      7 years ago from Wales

      I have the honour of being the first to comment.

      I loved this unique hub which I have to vote up up and away.

      Here's to many more to share on here.

      Take care and have a wonderful day.



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