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Burn Notice S5E6; Enemy of My Enemy

Updated on August 28, 2011

Burn Notice Crew


Max's Killer and Micheal's Imposter

Micheal has a double that has impersonated him and set him up as Max's killer. Pearce in the mean time has Micheal working as a none official operation. In the interim, he has stalled Pearce from analyzing the video of his impersonator. The character Micheal Weston makes quite an incredible climb up the side of a building.

This week Sam goes under cover as the infamous Chuck Finley to get close to a heroin dealer to help the CIA track down a predator drone in the possession of the Serbian Mob. Pearce has to ask Micheal for an operation excluding CIA operational awareness. Pearce is not found of Sam's involvement. Apparently, Sam has made a few enemies at CIA. The play this week is stealing a heroin dealer's stash and then having the drug dealer steal the drone predator from the Serbian Mob. The plan runs a foul when Carmela te drug dealer takes a Serbian Hostage and Sam is left to fend for himself.


The writing just continues to get better with each episode. Gabrielle Anwar is exceptional in this episode. She is both beautiful and talented. Donovan has truly humanized the character of Micheal Weston and has made him both super sexy and human. Bruce Campbell is really terrific in this episode as Chuck Finley. The fan gets to see new sides of Chuck Finley. Really great performance by Bruce Campbell.

This show just gets better each episode. The writing is witty and the actors are phenomenal. It really is the much see show of the Summer.


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