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Anthony Kearns, An Irish Tenor.

Updated on September 11, 2014

Awesome Voice- Awesome Person

Almost everyone has heard of the Three Irish Tenors. One in particular is taking America by storm.

I had the pleasure of assisting with one of his concerts in the Syracuse area. Even during the sound check Anthony Kearns was a total people person. Anthony carries himself like he is high society, but is very engaging at the same time. I could not believe how warm and personable he was! As the youngest of the Irish Tenors, he pays attention to the audience and makes the day about them. His voice and personality make him stand out among European Opera Singers. It amazed me to see that fame does not appear to have changed him in the least. What a sense of humor and love for his fans he possesses!

Born August 17, 1971 as Anthony Joeseph Kearns, in Kiltely Ireland,he was the 3rd of 6 children. The entire family was musically talented, and at a young age Anthony started singing old Irish classics. He won many singing awards and competitions. In High School, he sang often in school concerts, and at Sunday Masses. Later, Anthony stared in many operas and lately, and has excelled in Opera houses all over America and Europe as well.

I was impressed at how he treated every one in the same way, and was not in a rush to leave after the show. It is always nice to see a performer who appreciates his fans. They always seem to have long careers. He stayed and socialized with all of us for over an hour. Our friend from Ireland seemed to love Central New York. Perhaps he has just bitten The Blarney Stone a bit. : )

It was an honor to help and meet him. It is another one of those experiences I shall never forget. Listen to his voice!

Will he be the next Pavarotti? You decide, and do check out his website!

This is what I wrote about him on my blog listing the 12 best opera singers of all time.

6.Anthony Kearns- The Irish Tenor on my list. I saw him live and met him. He is an amazing live performer. If he preforms in a town near you, go see what I am talking about! His versions of Danny Boy, and Funiculi Funicula is about the best I have ever heard. He is only 38 and is taking the U.S. by storm. I also want to give a special thanks to all of the Anthony Kearns fans that came here from his website, and the administrator for posting it!


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    • profile image

      Ann-Marie C in Rhode Island 7 years ago

      AK is every bit a gentleman for sure. His voice is mesmerizing, his personality genuine and his place on earth will be remembered forever. I doubt he will be the next Pav but he will come very close.

      Enjoyed your article here.

      A M C