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Fringe: And Those We Have Left Behind

Updated on January 31, 2014

Fringe: Peter in the Farady Cage.


Fringe Review

At the beginning Peter dreams of being in a park with Olivia and Walter in a park. Walter is on the swings and Peter and Olivia are lying on a blank married. Peter and Olivia agree it is the perfect day but for the fact Peter is causing all the time anomalies. And then Peter wakes in his cell. Olivia needs him as time anomalies are occurring all over Boston.

Walter has completely rejected Peter and is refusing to have anything to do with him which agent Boyles isn't happy about.

Peter is obviously having a difficult time attempting from a universe in which he was loved to a universe in which Walter refers to him as the subject. Peter being removed and then returned has disrupted the space time continuum nor at least that is what Peter theorizes. They call them time slips

Peter is truly disheartened that Walter rejects him. And then Olivia lets him know they all had visions of his arrival. Peter starts experiencing time jumps. Peter determines the time events are being caused by neutron radiation which is made radiation.

We find a character Raymond who is also jumping back and forth through time to visit his with Alzheimer.

The time sequence is in a Fibonacci sequence. It looks more like a Sestina poem to me.

Apparently before Kate got sick she was working in the field of theoretical physics. And when she gets ill he uses her breakthrough in time travel to go back and visit her for 47 minutes a day. He can only keep the time portal open 47 minutes a day because Kate didn't finish her work before she became ill. So he is traveling back to beseech her to finish the equation so they can be together forever in health.

Amazingly enough they need a Faraday cage to enter into the house which the machine is operating. Asterid just rams that prong into Peter's neck. No worries about nerve damage. I got a little confused as Daniel Farady was concerned with electromagnetism and I didn't quit understand how that would effect time travel. Otherwise when we all have MRI's we would be time travelers bu it is an enjoyable television show. As I only dabble in theoretical physics and I am more of a particle physics student it is a bit confusing for me.

Kate explains to her husband Raymond that the machine he has built has caused a time displacement. Raymond begs her to finish the equation and she does but in all probability she has given him the wrong answers as the consequences of Raymond;s machine has too many repercussion. Kate redacted all of her notes and let him a love note.

Peter realizes he is in the wrong universe. Agent Boyles allows Peter to move back into his own home until he can find his way back to the universe he knows.

I must have decoded the message wrong as I came up with ISING. If you get a different code please advise me.

Fringe: And Those We've Left Behind Trailer


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