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Horror Movie Reviews Dog Soldiers

Updated on July 17, 2014

Dog Soldiers

Dog Soldiers Film Review.
Dog Soldiers Film Review.

Dog Soldiers

Dog Soldiers was one of them fun horror films that I'd almost forgotten about until someone mentioned here about Dog Soldiers. It's a werewolf horror film which is nice and also a good British movie too by British director Neil Marshall who also directed The Descent and Doomsday.

The comedy in the film is what sets it apart from traditional horror films as it's really about the british soldiers who are on a routine training exercise, when things go slightly wrong. There's swearing and some fun humour to shake things up and a mention of a football match that they are missing out on.

The story really starts when another group of soldiers who are supposed to be taking part in the same training exercise all get killed except for one survivor and it's the other group led by Wells (Sean Pertwee) that find him and wonder what's going on. right at the start we see a couple in a tent get killed by some unseen beastie (forgot to mention that!)

Then the werewolfs attack suddenly and they go on the run with Wells with his guts hanging out wondering if they'll fit back in was hilarious when he said "They won't Fu*&ing Fit!"

A woman with a car turns up and takes them all back to the house and then they are trapped in the house for the rest of the film fending off the werewolves attacks, of course they do try and escape with plans set in motion, but hey this is a classic film and nothing goes to plan with them being picked off one by one as Wells has his guts chewed on by the woman's dog.

Of course what good horror movie wouldn't be complete without the twist right at the end and a good old fashioned explosion, this film was a great movie and being a british one was actually quite good and it's aging quite well since 2002 when it was released and the werewolves look monstrous and effective as they look like they are on stilts or something which made them quite terrifying, I wouldn't want to see them in the dark.

Go watch it!

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Dog Soldiers

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    • profile image

      ruffridyer 6 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      I will look for it. I loved Doomsday, part escape from new york, part mad max, part 28 days, all fun!