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Ideas And Things To Do When You're Bored

Updated on February 6, 2015 | Source


When boredom strikes us we often start wondering about the things that we can do to get busy with, refresh our minds and entertain ourselves with.

Usually, when boredom strikes also our minds stop thinking and the ideas gradually stop coming into our minds so then we suddenly become unable to find anything to do at all especially if you have a lot of free time or at a vacation or something.

There are many things that we all can do when we get bored, today I'll be mentioning some of the ideas and things that you can do when boredom strikes you!

Take A Walk!

Take a walk at home or outside - I recommend you taking a walk outside though because nature will have a big impact on making your mood better- take some fresh air and jog or just walk slowly and if you have pets take them with you out too as it will be a fun walk for you and for your pets as well.

Prepare Some Food

If you have children or sisters or any other persons then you can prepare food for them, preparing food can be pretty fun especially if it wouldn't take too much out of your time and well if you don't know or don't want to prepare anything or already have enough prepared food at home then skip this one. | Source

Paint Something

If you love painting then why not take your sketching book and your pencils to start painting and drawing with? You can also make it more interesting and take a video of yourself painting then upload that to Youtube and if you're a Youtube Partner then you can simply earn some pennies or dollars with it depending on your views, interesting isn't it?

Play With The Kids

If you have any younger brothers or sisters then you can simply have fun playing with them because kids in general have too much ideas for fun and you can learn what real innocent fun is from them and if you don't have any younger siblings then why not meet the kids next door?

Go Out For A Karaoke Night

Karaoke can be pretty fun especially for those who love singing or showing off their skills to the public, so yes why not call your friends right now and ask them to go out with you? Come on it can be pretty much fun and if you don't want to take your friends or don't have any then just go alone and meet some people there! I'm sure there would be a lot of other people there who would be also having the same idea in mind. | Source

Play With Pets

Playing with pets can be pretty much entertaining as pets are fun to handle and just love human beings and love being snuggled and played with, time would just pass real quick when you play with pets and well if you don't like pets then you can skip this!

Take A Ride

You can take a ride by bicycle, a car or a motorcycle, riding all of these can be fun and for me I would prefer riding a bicycle because you can enjoy the fresh air while you train your muscles and help your body get fit! Why not take the ride like right now and start enjoying being with yourself?

Write Something

If you like writing then this is for you.

You can write anything and everything whether online or on a piece of paper, talking about your interests, your diaries,your love or songs and any others.

Writing can really be much fun especially when you express yourself, you would be just releasing everything that you have inside and that's a need for us humans sometimes. | Source

Play Your Favorite Game

Play your favorite game, it can be a visible touched game or a playstation/xbox /online game. It's your choice.

It can be also fun playing the games that we used to play as kids, it would get you fun and beautiful memories at the same time! So what are you waiting for? Go play some, it can be fun.

Watch A Movie

Go to the cinema - if you don't feel like staying at home- watch and choose a movie depending on what you love to watch and your interests and if you think you don't have much money or you just don't feel like spending money then just buy a DVD from the CD's store, I'm sure you'll find some interesting and cheap DVD's.

Remember to sit at least one meter away from the TV screen and if you're using your laptop, keep at least half a meter distance between your eyes and your laptop's screen.

Beauty Things

Women: How about you go take care of your beauty for a little bit? get your nails done, pluck your eyebrows? remove some body hair? I know it would be tiring but it has a beautiful result and as you know " beauty needs hard work" Beauty is tiring, this wouldn't be so much fun while doing it yourself but it would be fun when you get to finish and see the final results.

Men: How about shaving? cutting your hair at your favorite salon?

There are many other ideas to beat boredom with, for now I had these in mind and I thought about sharing them. I hope you liked the ideas mentioned here.

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