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My Favourite Songs From Korean Dramas (2014)

Updated on May 21, 2014

New Song vs Old Song

Good songs are eternal and can remain in one's mind for many, many years. David Tao's Mandarin ballad, I Love You is one of these songs. Hence, although I was shocked to hear this familiar tune sung in Korean, it does fit the drama well after getting used to the new version. Here, instead of David singing, it is Clazziquai's Horan who performs the song, giving it a fresh new spin.

I Love You by Horan of Clazziquai (One Warm Word OST)

You Who Came From The Star OST - Hit of the Year

In early 2014, all Korean drama fans are won over by the Do Min Joon-sshi fever, falling in love with this alien who captivates Cheon Song Yi. Besides having an interesting plot and great chemistry between its stars, this drama also has a winning soundtrack. I love all the songs from the drama but in particular the ballad by Sung Shi Kyung, thanks to the combination of his lovely voice, the melody and the touching lyrics.

Every Moment of You by Sung Shi Kyung (You Who Came From The Star OST)

Emergency Couple soundtrack

This drama is a fun romantic comedy to watch and if you are a fan of Choi Jin Hyuk, I definitely recommend watching this as he plays the main character, Oh Chang Min, and gets a lot of screen time here unlike his turn in The Heirs. Besides acting, he also sings another version of the song, Scent of a Flower for the OST. The original version by Lim Jeong Hee, is also pretty amazing.

Scent of a Flower by Lim Jeong Hee (Emergency Couple OST)

Scent of A Flower by Choi Jin Hyuk (Emergency Couple OST)

Jung Eun Ji of A-Pink

Just like Taeyeon of Girls' Generation, Jung Eun Ji is also the lead vocal for her girl group, A-Pink. This is not her first foray into the soundtrack world though. Her first contribution to an OST was for her breakthrough drama, "Reply 1997" where she took on the lead role of Sung Shi Won. In that OST, she sang two duets with fellow lead actor, Seo In Guk. Finally, for the Three Days OST, she sings alone for the song "It's You", which turns out to be a touching ballad.

It's You By A-Pink Jung Eun Ji (Three Days OST)

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