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Person of Interest: Mission Creep

Updated on October 12, 2011

Person of Interest: Mission Creep



The show does make the point that the government is only interested in terrorism leaving the criminals to run the streets. It is true. There seems to be a new social and judicial tolernace for crime in the United States.

Joey Durbin is their new target and he seems to be a bank robber. We find out the machine only identities people involved with lethal intent. The crew of bank robbers are all veterans. Jim infiltrates the team and we find out that he believes Joey is the target and not the perpetrator.

And the show goes into how hard veterans have it and how Wall Street has robbed the country.

One of the crew gets greedy and decides to take out the crew to take the entire share of the robbery. Again it is like Minority Reports meets Dark Knight.

Joey Durbin it would seem is paying for a friend's child who died in the war. Jim tries to talk Joey out of doing anymore robbers but he insists on paying for his dead friend's child.

It was a really good suspenseful show this week. It also was sentimental. I could have done without the political banter. And it is amazing that all roads lead to Phoenix.



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