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Terra Nova: Bylaws

Updated on June 19, 2012



Terra Nova: Bylaws

Swiss Family Robinson living in the land of the lost throwing in some quantum physics and a feudal empire what do you come up with? Well probably the biggest hit of the FOX fall line up; Terra Nova. This show follows the Shannon family, who live in the future, who dared to break population laws and have a third child which resulted in Jim Shannon being imprisoned. Dr. Elizabeth Shannon, Jim’s wife and mother of three, is recruited to go back 85 million years in the past and colonize Terra Nova with her eldest children. Elizabeth Shannon breaks her husband out of jail to bring him and their youngest child through the time portal back 85 million years to Terra Nova. Upon arrival at Terra Nova the earth is clean and the air is fresh.

The Shannon Family is quickly taken into the fold of Terra Nova and they attempt to acclimate. Josh Shannon has the most difficult time of all adjusting as he has left his girlfriend 85 million years in the future and he is attempting everything to get her through on one of the pilgrimages. Unfortunately the way in which he does that is to go to the rival group the 6ers which is illegal.

The 6ers claim they have been sent to destroy the leader of Terra Nova who is quite charismatic and by most standards would be considered to be running a cult.


The plot is pretty intense and the actions is excellent. I don't know how anyone could go wrong with series about dinosaurs and a parable on the Swiss Family Robinson. And Terra Nova is definitely a hit. The trick is not to make the plot overly complex and not to make it to much of a cult show. On the merits of the show alone it has all it needs to be great but if the writers, directors and producers over complicate the script they will fix Terra Nova for doom.

Jim is investigating the murder of a soldier named Ken Foster. They also find an Ankylosaurus egg which is about to hatch but can't because it has birth defects but Zoey Shannon is insistent they help it. The killer of Ken Foster, Howard, admits his guilt and is banished from the colony of Terra Nova which is how the 6ers are made. Jim Shannon doesn't really believe Howard is the killer but it might be his wife Rebecca instead.

Jim discovers that many of the behaviors outlawed like murder and gambling still occur years in the past. Humans will be human. The legitimate killer is found and is banished no doubt he will become a 6er if he survives.

And while evil persists in mankind so does love and goodness. Josh is insistent on getting his girlfriend Cara through on the next pilgrimage through the portal. Josh has to make a deal with the 6ers in order to get Cara through. Mira demands loyalty from Josh which makes the 6ers as much a cult as the Terra Nova crowd.


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