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Terra Nova: Night Fall

Updated on June 19, 2012

Terra Nova: Night Fall


Terra Nova: Night Fall

Terra Nova is a show about the Shannon family who travel 85 million yeas in the past to colonize the planet. Jim Shannon is a police officer who is married to Dr. Elizabeth Shannon a medical doctor. The show opens with Jim Shannon being imprisoned for break population laws by having a third child with Elizabeth. Zoey is that child. He is imprisoned but Elizabeth breaks him out because she and her two older children are allowed to travel on the pilgrimage but not their youngest daughter Zoey. So Jim is tasked with getting Zoey and himself through on the same pilgrimage with Elizabeth and their other children to reunite the family. He makes it and they are transported to past.

Josh has the most difficult time adjusting as he left his girlfriend in the future. He is making deals with the rogue sixers to try and bring get his girlfriend through on the next pilgrimage.

Jim quickly finds purpose in Terra Nova as a security officer. Elizabeth Shannon also quickly finds her place as a doctor for the Terra Nova colony.

The sixers are outcasts who supposedly have the ability to travel back and forth through time or atleast send messages. They also claim to be there at end the tyranny of Taylor the camp leader.

In many ways Terra Nova is paradise except that there are advertent behaviors like murder, unfaithfulness, and gambling.

And there are a lot of Dinosaurs which makes this show so much fun.

There is also Taylor's son who has figured out have to time travel who has joined the sixers.

Tonight a meteor wrecks Terra Nova and Maddy and Reynolds are lost outside of Terra Nova.


This week Maddy sneaks off with Reynolds into the jungle. Josh’s friend ends up with a parasite and Dr. Shannon has to remove it. Jim sneaks Zoey into computer which contains all the liquid memories of everyone in Terra nova.

It is quite clear Maddy and Reynolds are falling in love but as they are about to kiss a meteor hits Terra Nova and an EMP shuts down the entire facility. The perimeter is down. So Zoey and Jim are locked in the eye. Dr. Shannon can’t perform surgery and even worse is Maddy and Reynolds are trapped outside of Terra Nova without a gun.

Dr. Shannon has to do surgery the old fashion way. Jim and Zoey break out of the eye.

The sixers decide to invade Terra Nova when it is weak. They are bring a T-Rex to terra Nova’s gates.

Meanwhile Taylor requires Boyland to fix the computer chip which manufactures all other chips for the machines in Terra Nova.

Terra Nova’s only defense is the fence but they decide to make a secondary defense.

As the T-Rex approaches Terra Nova, But the T-Rex is only a diversion as Mira is trying to get the box only she can open as it is genetically keyed to her.

Best Line; Your Dad is going to ground you until the Ice Age.

I love this show each and every week as it is predictable but then always has a new angel for us to enjoy.


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