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The bleek future of rap/hip hop

Updated on May 29, 2014

Tupac and Snoop Back in the Day


Busta Rhymes and Nas


Real Rappers back in the Day

Rap back in the day

Rap has gone through multiple changes since its break into mainstream music. The industry itself has evolved and in many ways it has now devolved. When rap first entered in the industry it fell in two formats. It was made for dancing and it was made for awareness. When I say awareness I mean that it was important that rapper brought something conscious to the table to not only push life of poverty but express inequality in our nation. As time progressed there were battle raps and beefs which lead to some of the best content and lyrics in rap music. When something was on the line rapper pulled out all the stops. There was intricate rhymes with deep and powerful verbal assaults that just left a person wanting more. It seems easy to understand why the rap grew so rapidly in popularity. Rap continued to grow from the 80's to 90's and become a dominate genre in music. Mainstream or not the content always stayed brutally honest and told deep stories about those who struggled to make it and those who turned to crime. It really pulled in an understanding of the reason why some people do the wicked and bad things the do. I have to say that this built for powerful character building and story telling. Rap began telling the tale of many as if it were a novel on a cd. Poetry set to music is truly what rap was. Rap had taken beautiful funk soul and jazz beats and transformed them into powerful beats that we could listen to over and over again. Some of the greatest unknown songs were revamped by these rappers creating awareness with a new style and new lyrics. I know that pieces of Kool and the Gangs Winter Sadness, have been used multiple times in rap songs. It's a beautiful not well-known song but it gets it's air time through being used in a new format. Rap really defined a generation of music especially in the 1990's. It brought a level to confidence to ones self that really wasn't in music. Before rap was around there was very little music that presented self confidence. Music hadn't really had that ('m the best) kind of feel to it before then. It was usually more about heartbreak and loss. This isn't necessarily bad but sometimes it's nice to hear something more uplifting or positive in a sense. Rap kept capitulating to new levels. The 2000's it began to receive some different feels. Rap had began playing with more simplistic beats and some less intricate rhymes. Understandably people really enjoyed dancing to the music and it caused the rap industry to change a bit. A decade of small changes however, caused what I consider to be the fall of rap. Remember that at points before this we had every area covered form club rap to lyrical rap to gangster rap. Every angle was filled and there was a little bit of rap coming from every sub genre.(a little more gangster then the rest but nearly even) What began as perhaps thoughtful and conscience change to reach more listeners began the destruction of lyrical value. The lyrics that once were raps main component, were being brought down in many ways. Intellectually rap began to fall but that isn't the killer of lyrics. Rap is poetry set to music and in rap it follows rhyme scheme. Without rhyme there really is no reason in this genre. The genre has floated for being able to take rhymes and say them with a flow that causes the listener to be impressed. It is designed to make someone think but it is designed to be the instrument in the song, the solo if you will. Picture a guitar or saxophone solo and the way in which the instrument flows changes tempo etc. That is what a rapper does with his words and voice.

Real Rapper still to this day

Destroyers of Rap Lil Wayne Rick Ross


Are you ever not high Whiz?

What's popular and I don't know why

Today's Rap the Downfall of Rap

Rap today has lost it's flavor it has lost what makes rap what it is. See the content has lost all credibility. Rapper like rick ross an ex cop are making songs about selling kilos. This is an ex cop he's not rapping about being a dirty cop which, I would be able to respect, even if I don't like his music. He is stealing the life of Freeway Ricky Ross and making that mas stories his own. I explain this in my hub . My point to this really isn't his content or the lies he portrays as truth. In rap stretching the truth must be real most of the time. A lot of things said by rappers are overstatements. Yet, this is completely stating inaccurate information. It's unfair to push yourself like you are something great when you are nothing at all. Lil Wayne has helped destroy the industry also. His use of machines on the voice and extremely slow rapping on off beat music with off beat flows causes bleeding within my ears. . This is ridiculous that someone with so little talent in this genre could rule over the rap game for quite some time. However, When rappers stop rhyming where is the sense in rap, when does it becoming talking and not poetry. These two rap at a speed that makes people wonder why they aren't just talking over music. There is no flow or rhyme scheme. The beats that they choose to use infuse too much techno or to much rock with over the top flavor. The worst has to be how the genre has become more about having a redundant techno beat in every song. Every time this occurs you are given a small window of decent to horrible rapping that pretty much isn't even remotely memorable. People fail to realize the money can make a good artist sound bad and I can't knock the desire for money. Yet, can't we get rap back on track? There are a few rappers out there who are trying Freddie Gibbs for one and then there are artist like Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, and Techn9ne who are trying to bring in innovative sounds and flows to the genre. They are being different on some songs but not losing sight of what makes rap, rap. I smile when I hear an all time great like Busta Rhymes jump on someone's track. It makes even the worst of tracks sound like the best song of the year. Every time Jadakiss or Method Man falls into a new song they make junk sound like gold. The idea that these guys are falling by the way side mainstream wise bothers me. It reminds me that the only rappers who can survive are ones like Jay Z who, in my opinion, was ok and has only gotten worse over time. His new song "F with me you know I got it" sounded good because he had the worse rapper by comparison on the track with him. In the past he made the mistake of rapping with Nas Eminem Jaz-O making him look like a joke on his own track. Finally he brought in someone who can't rap. By comparison I like Jay-Z on that song. He'll do anything to stay popular, ups to him for his success but personally I'm not a fan. I'm a lover of rap music, so if I receive the hater mention I'm only a hater of bad rappers. Wiz've gotten better still not great . You are still a weed rapper but I guess you throw molly in the mix like all rappers do today. Look at what we once had as top rappers. We didn't have annoying beats that sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to yell" get out there a bomb in the building." I mean really every beet sounds like a timer on a bomb getting louder and higher pitched until it explodes with a goofy bass rip. People who love rap I implore you to shut down the garbage please. Do this before we lose the poetry and music that made this genre the amazing genre it is.

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    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 

      4 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      Agree 100% with this article. Rap has lost it's flavor. Although many did not approve of it the lyrics were motivating but now it seems like trash not trying to empower the people but just saying


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