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Top 10 Eazy-E Songs of All Time - Eazy-E Music Videos

Updated on December 17, 2012


Eazy-E was an American rapper and producer from Compton, California. Eazy-E performed solo and as part of a group called N.W.A alongside rappers, Arabian Prince, Dr. Dre, MC Ren, DJ Yella and Ice Cube. Eazy-E sold drugs for a living before investing in "Ruthless Records". After Dre and Ice Cube wrote Boyz-n-The-Hood, they formed N.W.A. When Prince, Ren and Yella joined, they released N.W.A and the Posse. In 1988, they released one of the most controversial albums of all time, Straight Outta Compton.

Eazy-E is often referred to as "The Godfather of Gangster Rap". He pretty much started it all with his highly explicit lyrics and violent words. So before reading on and listening to the music below, I suggest that you be over the age of 18 or have some kind of parental advisory.

On Feb. 24, 1995, Eazy believed that he had asthma and was sent to Cedar Sinai Medical Center for treatment. As it turned out, he was diagnosed with AIDS and announced his condition publicly on March 16. Ten days later, the disease consumed him and he was pronounced dead on March 26. He was 31 years old and had 7 children by 6 different women. Later, it was suspected that he was killed by his manager or Suge Knight. For more info on his death, be sure to visit my hub about N.W.A.

Here is the list of the best Eazy-E songs and music videos of all time. Enjoy.

Top 10 Eazy-E Songs of All Time - Music Videos

  1. Real Muthafuckin G's
  2. We Want Eazy
  3. Eazy-Duz-It
  4. I'd Rather Fuck You
  5. Switchez
  6. It's On
  7. Only If You Want It
  8. Gimme That Nutt
  9. Still A West Coast Nigga
  10. Real Compton City G's

Associated Artists: Dr.Dre, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Tupac


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