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Top Ten Favorite Eddie Murphy Movies

Updated on January 4, 2011

Eddie Murphy The Actor


Eddie Murphy has starred in some great movies since his acting career took off in 1982. A stand-up comedian Eddie had lots to offer to Hollywood and became a major household name. Being able to take on just about any role and make it his own, Eddie Murphy brought laughter and excitement into his movies. I’m sure you have many Favorite Eddie Murphy Movies but in this hub we are going to look back at my Top Ten Favorite Eddie Murphy Movies.

Top Ten Favorite Eddie Murphy Movies


Top Ten Favorite Eddie Murphy Movies

1.    Beverly Hills Cop – I had to place Beverly Hills Cop as first in my list because this movie is what made me a fan. This was the first Eddie Murphy movie I had ever seen. He played a wisecracking Detroit Cop by the name of Axel Foley whose friend is murdered at his home, so Eddie travels to Beverly Hills to investigate the reason for the friends’ murder. He finally cracks the case with the help of his longtime friend Jenny who works in a Beverly Hills Art Gallery and two Beverly Hills Cops ordered to keep an eye on him at all times.

2.    Coming to America—in this film Eddie Murphy played a prince engaged to marry a woman he does not know but has been raised since birth to serve him so he traveled to America with a servant to find his bride, a woman who would love him for who he is inside. In America he takes a job at a restaurant called McDowell’s that happens to be very similar to McDonalds and falls for the owners’ lovely daughter Lisa. Coming to America Movie is heartwarming and full of laughter.

3.    The Golden Child--- Eddie plays a character that searches for missing kids and is presented with a job to find a kidnapped child with supernatural powers. The Golden child is said to bring peace to the earth and Eddie soon learns that it’s his destiny to find this child while quickly falling in love with the woman that’s helping him and dodging the supernatural demon that had the child kidnapped. It’s funny, romantic and has lots of action, also kid friendly.

4.    Vampire in Brooklyn--- Eddie played several roles in this Comedy/Horror film but his main role was that of Maximillian a vampire who has arrived in Brooklyn to find his mate. His mate Rita is played by Angela Bassett is a detective who starts having weird dreams and questioning her dead mothers past upon Maximillians arrival soon finding out that she is part vampire and it’s her destiny to be with Max even though she’s clearly in love with her partner.

5.    48 Hours- In 48 Hours Eddie Murphy plays a convict who’s released into the custody of a Cop played by Nick Nolte to catch a cop killer. In this movie you could see the relationship of the two characters developing from enemies to sort of friends to you got my back I got your back. I loved watching them getting on each other’s nerves.

6.    Trading Places- in the Trading Places movie Murphy goes from rags to riches after a bet goes haywire. Eddie is having the time of his life stepping into someone else’s shoes until he learns that he’s being made a fool of and that he’ll soon be placed back on the streets with nothing so he teams with the other guy Dan Aykroyd to bring down the big guys. This movie is full of laughter.

7.    Dreamgirls- Eddie played soul singer Jimmy Early in an all-star cast made up of Jennifer Hudson, Beyoncé Knowles, Jamie Foxx, and more. Jimmy who is married has an affair with one of the dreamgirls who are at first his backup singers. When the dreamgirls career starts to take off and Jimmy’s career starts to fall apart he soon turns to drugs and later in the movie dies of a heroin overdose. Eddie has a much better singing voice in this movie.

8.    The Nutty Professor- Among the many characters that Eddie played in this film were the lead roles of the obese low self-esteem Professor Sherman Klump and the alter ego Buddy Love that he turns into after taking a potion. Watching him constantly fighting with himself was half the fun and the rest comes from the many different family members he played.

9.    Norbit- in Norbit Eddie Murphy played the role of a weakling boyfriend to a very scary and very big woman by the name of Rasputia. His girlfriend who later becomes his wife has controlled everything that Norbit has ever done because of his fear towards her but soon Eddie falls for another woman and Rasputia will stop at nothing to keep them apart. Eddie also played several roles in this movie including Rasputia.

10.  Harlem Nights- in Harlem nights Eddie played a gangster by the name of Quick who happens to stumble upon trouble almost everywhere he turns and some very beautiful women. Richard Pryor also had a starring role in this movie, I really loved the clothes and back in the day setting.


Coming to America Movie Trailer

The Golden Child Movie Trailer

Beverly Hills Cop Movie Trailer

Vampire In Brooklyn Movie Trailer

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Harlem Nights Movie Trailer

Eddie Murphy Photo
Eddie Murphy Photo


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    • brandonfowler66 profile image

      brandonfowler66 7 years ago from EveryWhere USA

      Been a fan since childhood, Happy New Years to You too Rhonda Waits

    • Rhonda Waits profile image

      Rhonda Musch 7 years ago from The Emerald Coast

      I am a big Eddie Murphy fan. I love his movies. Thanks for the memory.