R.I.P. Rap

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    realtalk247posted 3 years ago

    Main Stream Rap Music
    Programming Ignorance, Objectification of Women, Glorifying Ignorance, Praise of Money and Materials to Validate One's Importance. 

    This morning I flipped channels and watched with horror the worst piece of garbage rap song ever: 2 Chainz-Birthday Song.  Let's review some of the lyrics:

    Birthday, it's your birthday
    If I die bury me inside that Louis store (worship of materialism)
    [Hook: 2 Chainz]
    They ask me what I do and who I do it for
    And how I come up with this sh*t up in the studio
    All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe

    The following thoughts/questions came to mind......................................
    1. Are you not important if they can't bury you inside the “Louis” store?  Did Mother Theresa, Dr. Martin Luther King, or Gandhi forfeit their gifts of impacting the world for their own material gain?
    2. How disrespectful to women to objectify a woman according to their body!  While I understand that they women who signed up for the video are already lost and willing to trade sexuality/sex for the attempt of financial gain, it's still sad to witness. Women who seem to only value pretending they are on the stripper pole 24-7 and a culture that now embraces that behavior over the virtuous.
    3. Typical of Kanye to be surrounded by the women he had on the video. I'm just saying.

    What happened to rap?  Yes there are the songs like: Crooked Smile, Kendrick Lamar- Opposites Attract or Swimming Pools, Talib Kweli-Love Language/Hamster Wheel, Nas-Daughters or Cherry Wine.  When I grew up I remember rap that made you run to the library and research the people they discussed in the lyrics.

    I guess my thought for the day is rap has officially gone to the trashcan. Over the past ten years the foolishness that is placed on main stream rap radio personifying ignorance, poor grammer, and lack of intelligence is just dumb.  It serves as a giant marketing campaign of materialism and advertising for high end merchandise most of its listeners can't afford and/or have no business buying in the first place.

    R.I.P. Quality rap, great lyrics, thought provoking concepts.