how many Sponsored Shows are on TV and Radio?

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    parmeetkaurposted 8 years ago

    how many Sponsored Shows are on TV and Radio?

    marketing and entertainment have always been allies ,particularly in the United States.From the beginnings of radio,then television,until today,many programmes have been produces or simply financed by major brands.In 1929,more than 55 per cent of radio programmes were financed or directly produced by advertisers or their agencies.15 amoung the famous examples we may note,over the decades,Little Orphan Annie, sponsored on the radio by ovaltine,but also The Kraft Musical Show ,The Lux Radio Theater ,The Texaco Star Theater ,The Philco Television Playhouse,The Colgate Comedy Hour,The Alcoa Hour,C

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    Next month i will write a hub on the top ten advertising agencies in terms of billings. Most of the large agencies have offices in several countries, my home agency has 130 offices in 55 countries, when I was an AAAA fellow there were 26 offices in 13 countries. My former agency has grown exponentially over the years. Because some of the agencies are privately held, it will take some time to get the total billing income, especially for global agencies.