Have you met or seen a famous person in real life? How was it for you?

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  1. Lady_E profile image64
    Lady_Eposted 13 years ago

    Have you met or seen a famous person in real life? How was it for you?

  2. profile image0
    Miss Nomiposted 13 years ago

    Yes!  I was so excited to have met and spent some time talking with Steve Cropper and Duck Dunn, both from the original Blues Brothers Band.  They were performing with Booker T. and the MGs (whom I also met) and I was so fortunate as to have tickets to both the show and the private after set party.  At the time, I was reading John Belushi's biography, so it was really cool to actually meet people I was reading about!

  3. Uninvited Writer profile image76
    Uninvited Writerposted 13 years ago

    I was lucky enough to meet Kenneth Branagh. I wrote about it in a hub

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Kenneth-Branagh … aordinaire

  4. Ralph Deeds profile image66
    Ralph Deedsposted 13 years ago

    In chronological order
    John F. Kennedy--I heard him speak in Detroit on Labor Day 1960 when he kicked off his presidential campaign. His speech was inspiring, but he was not quite as good a speaker as Walter Reuther who as I recall was the "warm-up' speaker for JFK on that occasion. It was exciting. The crowd was 100,000.

    Henry Ford II, circa 1963 or 1964, I was assigned as the junior member of the GM labor relations staff to greet "The Deuce" as he got out of his limo in front of the General Motors Building in Detroit and escort him to the Board of Directors room for a three company meeting on the upcoming negotiations with the UAW. I arranged to have an elevator waiting for him and accompanied him to the door of the Board Room on the 15th floor. I saw him later at Heathrow Airport when everyone was delayed by a baggage handler slowdown. He waited patiently and didn't make a fuss at all. Quite a class guy although a bit of a philanderer. As I recall he had three or four wives. After a famous episode in Los Angeles where he was arrested for DUI while driving with a woman other than his wife, all he would say to reporters who greeted him at the airport upon his return to Detroit was "Never complain. Never Explain."

    Elizabeth Taylor--in 1964 while "Night of the Iguana" was being filmed in Puerto Vallarta I saw Taylor and Richard Burton strolling hand in hand down the main drag. However, the high point was sitting across the room from Liz in the bar at the Oceano Hotel (the only hotel in Puerto Vallarta at that time). I stared at her and she returned the favor. What a beautiful woman!. On the same trip I saw Sue Lyons. Deborah Kerr and Ava Gardner were also there, but I didn't see either of them.

    Walter P. Reuther--I attended many union contract negotiation meetings in which Reuther was the chief spokesman, and I participated in a "small meeting" in in 1967 in which Reuther was one of three persons on the union side.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton--circa 1997--When I was working in Washington I scored a ticket to a dinner and evening concert (Bonnie Raitt) in the Rose Garden of the White House. I sat at a table not far from the Clintons.

    Nelson Mandela--I heard him speak briefly at the White House facing the lawn around the same time as the concert in the Rose Garden. Around the same time I also met Robert McNamara in a D.C. men's store. I said hello and we shook hands but had no conversation.

    Jennifer Granholm--I have met Jennifer Granholm on a couple occasions at fund raisers. Carl Levin and Gary Peters also.

  5. profile image0
    kunikaposted 13 years ago

    I met Mukesh and his wife Nita Ambani  in person when I was in London it was amazing experience when we went to a nearby(Ealing rd) fruits and vegetable store when we reached there barely anybody was there when i saw him for a moment I thought i saw him somewhere very recently and than i saw his wife than it strikes to my mind oh! just couple of days back i saw them on star tv program Randezvous with Simi Garewal  I got sure,by the time i finish my shopping and just waited for them to finish and when they come out i just said "Excuse me if i am not mistaken are you Mukesh Ambani?" it was kind of embarrassing to ask someone like that as at that time Mukesh Ambani is barely in limelight so that's the only way i can talk to them than i tell them i saw them on simi's shows and than the had couple of talk with us and than there security guard was there he just quickly take them to the car.It was so casual for the moment i thought did i just met the biggest business tycoon of India where nobody can met just like that it was amazing experience.

  6. Lady_E profile image64
    Lady_Eposted 13 years ago

    Thanks for your contributions everyone. You lucky people. I met Will Carling (Rugby Player then) more than 10 years ago at the QE2 in London. My company used him to promote a Health and Safety Campaign.  Funny thing is I didn’t even know who he was until my Colleagues asked me to make sure I got his autograph for them, at the venue…. which I did. 

    Ps. Ralph, I think you have a special magnet that attracts you to famous people. I might need to borrow it. smile

  7. 1kmjs profile image65
    1kmjsposted 13 years ago

    Im a huge NFL fan, Ive met a few of the greats, Ken Stabler, Roger Craig, Dan Hapton, and Mike Singeltary. But my most memorable was at a convention in Chicago in 2000. It was basicly a autograph seeking session, you had to pay like 50.00-100.00 to wait in line to get your item inked by Brian Urlacher, Ray Lewis, Marshall Faulk,  ya know those type of guys at that level of achievement. Well I to this day, will never pay for an autograph, it seems silly. My Idea was to pretend I had a ticket and with football in hand, try to sell a Super Bowl MVP quarterback on the idea of throwing me a pass before getting kicked out. Nervously I waited in line for roughly 25 minutes, trying not to make any kind of eye contact with security.
    The moment of Truth arrived, The attendant asked for my ticket when I got up to the table, I payed him no heed but instead looked at Mr Kurt Warner and polietly introduced myself. "Kurt how ya doin?, Im Mike blah blah blah from Iowa, big fan, just wondered if you might be so nice as to throw me a quick pass?"
    The security guards got instantly enraged and ushered me away until Kurt stood up and said "Sure" and gestured for the ball. I flipped it to him and proceeded on a 10 yd up and out route. He delivered it with speed and crispness as the other autograph seekers cheered in jubilation. It was us against them in everyones eyes, and also in Kurt's, the willingness to put money and marketing to the side for a fan who just loves the game. For that I'll always remember his good heart and the way the ball felt, when I caught a pass from a Super Bowl MVP.

    I got Doug Williams to do the same about 2 months later. His was more of a 15 yd lofter over my left shoulder. Still priceless.

    I know this is a bit cheesy, but how many of us mere mortals can say they caught a pass from 2 Super Bowl MVP's?

  8. profile image49
    betzblueposted 13 years ago

    I met Ted Neeley when he was with his band ( way way before Jesus Christ Superstar) he graciously signed my album cover & even sent me a post card from New York, I listened to that album until it warped.
    I met Mark Lindsay ( Paul Revere & the Raiders) but I found him to be a snob and quite rude. I was a 15 yr old kid asking for an autograph...he hurt my feelings, big time,but I still like his voice.
    I met James Brolin when he was filming a TV series and he was a very nice gent, Sent me a signed "cast" picture.
    Met Gary Morris ( several times) have an autographed program from Les Miz & many pix & album covers,,,nice man, fabulous voice, still,
    Met John Larroquette when he was filming The John Larroquette Show...Tall Tall man, very very nice! Gave me an autographed pix.

  9. Valerie F profile image60
    Valerie Fposted 13 years ago

    In my work as a musician and Irish dance instructor, I have met Eileen Ivers, Quagmire, Solas, Danu, Gaelic Storm, Cherish the Ladies, the Battlefield Band, Golden Bough, the entire Boyne Company of Riverdance, one of the troupes of Lord of the Dance, and the Chieftains, once with Derek Bell.

    I took a contemporary African dance workshop with Nora Chipaumire.

    I met Richard Gere while on a walk with my kids. We exchanged pleasantries, chatted about everyday stuff, then parted ways. I walked another two blocks before I figured out just why he looked so familiar.

    Christian music fans will appreciate this. I got to meet the Newsboys twice and got to interview Phil Joel for a radio show I did in college.

    While working in theater tech and security, between shows during a production of Jesus Christ, Superstar, I had to serve as what could be best described as Ted Neeley's personal security guard.

    I correspond with comic book creator Paty Cockrum and letterer Tom Orzechowski.

    And then there are the people I've met at sci-fi conventions. I know I'll forget a few, but here goes. Aron Eisenberg, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, Robert Picardo, Alice Krige, Peter Mayhew, Nick Gillard, David Prowse, Jeremy Bulloch, Dirk Benedict, Anthony Daniels.

    And there are a couple of people that I just barely missed meeting. My mother met Stephen Spielberg when he wanted to shoot a scene for ET in our back yard. Too bad I was at school then.

    My husband has met Gary Sinise, Weird Al Yankovic, and George Lucas.

    Sigh. All this shameless name dropping makes me tired.

  10. Capisce profile image59
    Capisceposted 13 years ago

    I live in Nola. They are everywhere. Past month alone Kevin Spacy,Heather Graham, Johnnie Knoxville. Kathleen Sebelius.I see John Goodman a lot.Brangelina pop up once in a while. Mario Batelli, Anthony Bourdain. Years ago I spoke to Keanu Reeves. I saw Oliver Stone and Kevin Costner at Tipitinas once, that was when they were filming JFK.Once I almost ran over Sam Shepard. that was a long time ago. Kelly McGillis, Jude Law and that girl he used to date, the actress, I can't remember her name They film a lot here and they just seem to hang out a lot. I guess there is not a lot of papparazi hanging around and the locals are kind of elitist electing themselves as royalty and what not, so they aren't easily impressed. Makes it easy to lie low.  I could go on, the more I write the more I remember, oh Vince Vaughn. I sound ridiculous I know, James Carville and Mary Matlain. I quit. I know there is more. I am not even a celebrity stalker. They just pop up at the whole food or in a restaurant, I swear.Oh the guy who was on Mission Impossible tv show.


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