Should females try to be funny?

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  1. SoftCornHippo profile image61
    SoftCornHippoposted 9 years ago

    Should females try to be funny?

  2. tony0724 profile image60
    tony0724posted 9 years ago

    Why not ? I know many who are . I find humor to be a great quality !

  3. Uninvited Writer profile image81
    Uninvited Writerposted 9 years ago

    I wrote a review of a book by one of America's funniest stand up comics who happens to be female: … utItReview

  4. Sasha S profile image69
    Sasha Sposted 9 years ago

    I think the exact same thing applies to both men and women: If you can be funny it's a great characteristic to have and is always useful for breaking the ice at parties etc. However, if, generally speaking, you aren't that funny, trying to be so can sometimes seem very awkward and forced to others.

    It's best to just be the person that you are rather than trying to be something you're not.

  5. Mr. Happy profile image87
    Mr. Happyposted 9 years ago

    I think "trying" to be funny is hard. you either have it or  you don't - in my opinion anyway. As for whether or not females are/should be funny ... anyone can be "funny", gender does not make a difference in this case.

  6. EdG. profile image61
    EdG.posted 9 years ago

    "Dying is easy, comedy is hard."

    If the female in question (or male for that matter) is up to the challenge then by all means she should try to be funny.

  7. SoftCornHippo profile image61
    SoftCornHippoposted 9 years ago

    these comments crack me up!  Seriously! I never said I though anyone should TRY to be funny, but if it turns out they are, who cares what sex they are?  Dude - everbody bein so sereee us!

  8. profile image0
    reeltaulkposted 9 years ago

    I Dont think whether female or should try to be funny, when you are funny you're going to be just that.........funny!  Why put your head on the slab or feel the need to run because you feel like you're THE joke!  It just make the situation awkward and everyone isn't accepting of understanding your need to fit in or be "cool".  They'll just look at you as being needy or wanting attention.  Try being yourself, no matter how funny, corny or boring you are.  You will always attract people that share your same interest as well as personality

  9. BeccaHubbardWoods profile image92
    BeccaHubbardWoodsposted 9 years ago

    No one should "try" to be funny. True comedic talent comes naturally and never should be forced. People who try too hard to make people laugh are extremely annoying and ultimately end up looking like imbeciles.

  10. mega1 profile image75
    mega1posted 9 years ago

    Hey, everybody, being funny about being funny about TRYING to be funny!  love it.  Simply do.  People trying to be funny, the consensus, seems to be, are annoying and make some people angry!  Which is a good way to sell pharmaceuticals.  So.  I guess this quesching didn't make for a very looooong discussion!

  11. dabeaner profile image61
    dabeanerposted 9 years ago

    Females don't have to try to be funny.  That comes with the territory.

  12. profile image0
    shinu143uposted 9 years ago

    Women are more funnier than men , and in get togethers i have seen some women getting all the attention

  13. Mekenzie profile image82
    Mekenzieposted 9 years ago

    My sister is the funniest girl I know.  Her natural wit just rolls off her tongue.  People love her.  I, however, don't have that wit - but so appreciate people who do.  I am funny though and people love me too.  I just say funny things that have to be explained to me later..  LOL  Bottom Line:  you either is or you isn't!  If you is - be authentic and use your natural talent.  People are always attracted to authenticity.

  14. animegirljrs profile image56
    animegirljrsposted 9 years ago

    My friend Merissa always makes me laugh when she's trying to make a point.  When she's trying to be funny... FAIL.!!


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