What's that movie, made in the 1980s (or earlier), set in The States where a boy

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    MissCatherineposted 7 years ago

    What's that movie, made in the 1980s (or earlier), set in The States where a boy is at a...

    juvinile prison or correctional establishment in the hills/woods and he sees a girl swimming in a pond or something who's from the nearby girls boarding school. They fall in love and try to run away?!!! I don't think this ever was a hit but I remember watch it at a birthday party when I was really young and I always wondered what it was?.. I can't remember actors or actresses so I can't help there I'm afraid! PS I seem to remember it rains a lot in the film!!

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    MystMoonstruckposted 6 years ago

    Fire with Fire (1986) Synopsis: Joe Fisk (Craig Sheffer), a young convict at a detention camp, falls in love with Lisa (Virginia Madsen), a student at a nearby Catholic school. The two lovers first meet in the woods. Joe is running through the forest when he spots Lisa lying in a pond, beautifully dressed, surrounded by flowers. (She is photographing herself looking like a famous painting of Ophelia from "Hamlet".) Although the two do not speak to each other, it is apparent that it is love at first sight. Later, they meet again when Joe and his prison friends are on an excursion at the local cinema. Their eyes meet during the screening of the film. Lisa convinces the sisters at the school that it would be a nice gesture to invite the boys to a dance.

    They end up running away together and staying in a cabin in the woods. Most people recall them leaping, hand-in-hand off a cliff into the river. Yes, they survive.