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How many hours per day do you spend watching television?

  1. lindacee profile image96
    lindaceeposted 7 years ago

    How many hours per day do you spend watching television?

  2. Zakmoonbeam profile image94
    Zakmoonbeamposted 7 years ago

    I don't watch a huge amount, maybe an hour or 2 max, and usually whilst I am doing something else, like writing here or going on a 4 hours Wikipedia ramble ! (Tabbed browsing for the win).

  3. pancoor profile image54
    pancoorposted 7 years ago

    0 hours, it's a waste of life for me just sitting in front of tv.
    Recently I've written about it.

  4. Donna Janelle profile image73
    Donna Janelleposted 7 years ago

    Probably about two a day, give or take depending on the day. But, I usually fold laundry or try to get some cleaning done while I am watching it.

  5. Leeness profile image56
    Leenessposted 7 years ago

    Depends on what's on TV, to be fair. Could be between 2-5 hours, if not more.

  6. zoey24 profile image76
    zoey24posted 7 years ago

    I watch set programmes that i always watch on certain evenings of the week, but most of the time when i have time to myself i prefer to be writting or researching things on the net.

  7. sparksdaniel2000 profile image68
    sparksdaniel2000posted 7 years ago

    If I could I would watch 24 hours of television everyday. In reality, I watch about 7-10 hours per day. I work in a place where a television is available (and on) and I watch at home. Often times, "watching" television is merely having it on and listening while I do something else i.e. type a hub, or answer hub questions. And I know you didn't ask but my favorites shows are LAw & Order Criminal Intent and Modern Family.

  8. tenordj profile image78
    tenordjposted 7 years ago

    8 or more but it is not being watched the whole time it is just on the entire time at work showing us updates on the news. I never really watch tv until of a night at home.

  9. garyyoungberg profile image61
    garyyoungbergposted 7 years ago

    Probably an average of 1 hour a day, usually while I am doing something else.  Morning news is regular.  I

  10. fucsia profile image61
    fucsiaposted 7 years ago

    I never watch television. I prefer read the newspapers or follow news by internet. The programs in television generally do not interesting me.

  11. jenniryan profile image60
    jenniryanposted 7 years ago

    probably only an hour a day. and maybe a movie on the weekend . Watching TV is a big waste of time and kills productivity. There is nothing on much anymore that holds my attention anyway.

  12. Ashantina profile image62
    Ashantinaposted 7 years ago

    I dont. My TV is not even tuned into channels.. only use it to sometimes watch dvds.

  13. Str8up Hookups profile image39
    Str8up Hookupsposted 7 years ago


    Sometimes 3-4 hours,most days none.

    I don't like watching the news because it's depressing.
    I will watch afew reality shows,cooking shows,like Bravo's TopChef and Real Housewives and I love Iron Chef and Cooking For Real on the FoodNetwork!

    One brother @ Bravo Top Chef Tour!

  14. GALAXY 59 profile image94
    GALAXY 59posted 7 years ago

    It all depends on which day it is, I tend to watch more tv at the weekends when I don't have to work. I ahve been known to watch six hours on a Sunday!

  15. randomcreative profile image91
    randomcreativeposted 6 years ago

    Generally not more than 2 hours.  We got rid of our cable over a year ago.  When we do watch TV, we have to decide to pull up a show on Hulu or Netflix or watch something on DVD.  We don't ever channel surf, which cuts way down on mindless watching.