Best movie you have ever watched?

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  1. the50marathons17 profile image81
    the50marathons17posted 13 years ago

    Best movie you have ever watched?

    May have been funny, romantic, dramatic...Have fun with it!

  2. chspublish profile image76
    chspublishposted 13 years ago

    For 2010,too many good ones...True Grit, The Tree, Unthinkable, Black Swan, King's Speech, Frozen.
    Thanks for the question.

  3. Stina Caxe profile image79
    Stina Caxeposted 13 years ago

    Boondock Saints.  I would sayLabyrinth, but I think I only watch that to see David Bowie in those pants.

  4. pancoor profile image60
    pancoorposted 13 years ago

    For me the best movie ever is only one choice - Godfather

  5. scall profile image68
    scallposted 13 years ago

    Star Trek (2010) by far. All of the characters were true to the original - Kirk, Spock - the entire crew.  The story line was brilliant as it did not upset the original timeline with William Shatner.  The actors were superb and the overall style it was filmed in was refreshing.  I am not a typical "trekkie" but I have to admit this is my all time favorite movie and it left me wanting more!

  6. KristenGrace profile image60
    KristenGraceposted 13 years ago

    Of all time, Rebel Without a Cause. Hands down.

  7. Kwazzy profile image59
    Kwazzyposted 13 years ago

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, for me delivers the most important lesson, and thats to think before you act. Which most everyone can relate to. If you havent seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it.

  8. ByChanceTV profile image58
    ByChanceTVposted 13 years ago

    Tough choices... I thought Ishtar rocked!

  9. Dexter Yarbrough profile image68
    Dexter Yarbroughposted 13 years ago

    Lust Caution, Ip Man, Malcolm X are by far the best movies made! I dare anyone to come up with better responses! :-)

  10. Sethareal profile image61
    Setharealposted 13 years ago

    Man on Fire, the editing is the best I have ever seen, the tone of the film is sharply contrasted about halfway through... never seen a torture scene where I didn't feel bad for the person being tortured, not even a little, moral/redemptive violence has never been done so well. Denzel is the man!

    @ByChanceTV You are hilarious, love the satire!

    @Dexter IP Man is on my netflix que, will finally get around to seeing it, thanks for the recommendation!

  11. Vinodkpillai profile image71
    Vinodkpillaiposted 13 years ago

    Although there are very many movies that I enjoyed watching, if I have to pick only one, I would say Coppola's Godfather.  Marlon Brando and the rest of the cast and everything else about the movie was so good that one can watch it over and over again and remain spellbound.

  12. Supercellbaebe profile image61
    Supercellbaebeposted 13 years ago

    As Good As It Gets.  Ain't no better movie!

  13. BrightMeadow profile image67
    BrightMeadowposted 13 years ago

    There are so many great films out there choosing the best film to see depends on the mood you are in. Here are a list of some of my favorites. Enjoy.
    Everything is Illuminated
    Based on a book of the same name, It stars Elijah Wood as Johnathan, an... read more

  14. Edoka Writes profile image60
    Edoka Writesposted 13 years ago

    Cooley High is my favorite movie, but Forrest Gump is the best!

  15. luckycharmz profile image60
    luckycharmzposted 13 years ago

    Forrest Gump is the best.  It always makes me laugh.  "Life is like a box of neva kno wat you gonna git."  :-)

  16. ericdavies profile image61
    ericdaviesposted 13 years ago

    Too many great films to name one, but "The Last Emperor", "Dr. Zhivago" or "Lawrence of Arabia" are three that sping to mind.

  17. the50marathons17 profile image81
    the50marathons17posted 13 years ago

    Thanks for all the responses! Some good and interesting choices here!


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