Is Charlie Sheen a maniac or a marketing genius?

  1. platinumOwl4 profile image76
    platinumOwl4posted 7 years ago

    Is Charlie Sheen a maniac or a marketing genius?

  2. LeisureLife profile image71
    LeisureLifeposted 7 years ago

    Possibly both                                                                        .

  3. T.Y._Hudson profile image60
    T.Y._Hudsonposted 7 years ago

    No idea! How about we go with "idiot"
    I'm not sure if it's just me or not, but doesn't it seem like every washed up star ends up with a drug addiction? These guys are such idiots. They make millions and piss it all away on drugs. I don't understand why anyone would need drugs when they have enough money to do anything.
    All these stars come up with some lame excuse to get back into the news once they've been forgotten. Danny Bonnaduce and his so called, "anger problems". Dustin Diamond "Screetch", him and his move to doing porn. Oh and we can't forget about Patrick Swayze! Look how far he went to get back into the headlines, with the whole weight loss and rapid aging thing.
    Ok, Patrick Swayze was mean of me, but really, these stars will do just about anything to make headlines once they have been forgotten. Weather it's crazy stuff like this, letting someone snap their pic while they are naked, or by wearing something that shows off all of their cellulite, which will end up in a magazine, they will do anything!
    Mark my words, the kid from the 6th sense, he's gonna be the same way 15-20 years from now. Just look at the Olsen twins!