How do you learn to dance when you have social phobias?

  1. days leaper profile image80
    days leaperposted 6 years ago

    How do you learn to dance when you have social phobias?

    As a man, with flailing health, I need exercise that isn't too strenuous, but I've always been awkward and very, painfully shy around women.  I feel I'm being judged all the time and that they might think I'm there for the wrong reasons if I go to a teacher, or dance school -if these places still exist.  (I must confess, I do struggle not to look at women; but seldom mean anything by it)

  2. Krysanthe profile image95
    Krysantheposted 6 years ago

    Why don't you call a studio and set up private lessons?  It will cost you more then group lessons, but maybe once you takes some lessons privately you will feel more comfortable with dancing and will be able to take a group lesson.

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    Giselle Maineposted 6 years ago

    It's hard to know the level of distress your social phobias cause you.  If it's mainly shyness and awkwardness, I suggest going to a dance studio/school BUT first call up the dance teacher explaining your situation so they are aware of it.  So that way if there's any partnered dancing, such as if you are learning the waltz, maybe the dance teacher can help assign you to a partner within the class for the first few sessions until you get more confident with having to say anything to women (but you will probably have to ask the dance teacher beforehand if they are willing to do this). 

    I am not sure what you mean by people maybe thinking you're going there for the wrong reasons? - everyone will know you are just there to learn to dance!! It's really OK, I did adult ballet classes for awhile, there was 1 guy in it and lots of women.  It was fine! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a man in a room mostly full of women.  It is actually a positive thing, not a negative thing!