Are you an unsigned muscician? Please share your story.

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    Happy Bananaposted 6 years ago

    Are you an unsigned muscician? Please share your story.

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    chspublishposted 6 years ago

    If I was signed, I would be among the older musicians. Never too late to try, however, is my motto!
    Since I was about three I've been aware of the power of music. Not however until I got a laptop with the pure purpose of buying and loading up the Sibelius program about three years ago, was I aware of my own...well...somewhat intense interest and...dare I say..talent for music writing.
    I was always playing the piano and singing, when I was younger and older, but much too afraid and shy to reveal my musiciality in performance. With the result, I believe, I missed the opportunity to get out there and perform and be signed or some such, providing, of course that I was deemed lucky enough and talented enough.
    Since learning all about how to write on the Sibelius program, I wrote 2 musicals and many, many songs, having never, ever written a note before.
    Well, I did attempt to write, in longhand, many moons ago, but got impatient with my enfeebled attempts and gave up.
    It was the Sibelius program that introduced and facilitated my somewhat musicality and helped to release it with the use of playback and other facilities, which I found intriguing.
    So if you care to visit what I've attempted, you can do so at and tune into 'Celine Spengeman' under 'Browse by Composer'.
    If you know anyone who would like to produce anything or try out anything, I would love to hear from them, as most of my pieces - long and short - would need, I've no doubt, lots of work and further layering up or down and re-arranging or whatever. No musical genious, just a great desire to be in the music world in whatever capacity I can - songwriter(I wish), composer (oh the joys), musical producer (heaven on earth).
    Thanks for asking the question and I hope you get interesting answers.

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    DanciaKSposted 4 years ago

    I was two years old when I knew I wanted to become a singer. My family never supported the idea due to the risk. I started putting my self out in the media when I was seven, photoshoot modelling, theatre acting and dancing. In seventh grade, I decided I will become a singer. I started writing a song. It took a long time and was really bad. I posted my covers on textplus communities in eighth grade and someone wanted me to open for his concert. I became motivated and bought myself a guitar. I taught myself how to play and would play at least four hours a night. My song writing skills grew and I was actually proud enough to play in front of my parents. Now I am currently working on an album called "Broken". It was eight songs and currently in the production stage.