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What do you think of TV programs today compared to past decades television?

  1. Wayne Tully profile image74
    Wayne Tullyposted 6 years ago

    What do you think of TV programs today compared to past decades television?

    Are they better or do you prefer TV shows from your childhood?

  2. profile image0
    samnang222posted 6 years ago

    Honestly, I'm not really like them, some of them too much promotion for the hell, but less for education, they focus on to earn money through their media but sometime spoiling the morality of societies.

  3. LailaK profile image76
    LailaKposted 6 years ago

    Some programs are amazing, but I think that programs now days are unrealistic and too exposing. I mean in the past my parents and I used to watch most of the shows together and all content would be appropriate, but now I can't even watch a PG 13 movie or show infront of my little niece. Good question!

  4. Jsmooth768 profile image60
    Jsmooth768posted 6 years ago

    There bunched up and confused.
    There used to be family programing for example the Brady Bunch, haha I used to watch it.
    Now Family TV is South Park, the Simpsons, or the Family Guy.
    No real lessons you can take into the world just a bunch of jokes and cartoons performing illegal, stupid, irresponsible acts and getting paid millions while our children and communities have nothing but complaints about a system (TV) that we have no possible way of impacting.
    Television owners, example Oprah owns the TV stations and does what ever she wants. When the government asks for peace or help solving the next Charles Manson, or Waco Texas case, while watching video cameras and surviellence videos, in stead of living. It's bullshit this year I gained 5 lbs. in fat. Never been fat but one time I was depressed about 5 years ago. I always been physically fit, intellegent, ate right, and partied with the best of em.
    But never had to worry about some of the stupid stuff you can pay probably a minimum of a million dollars (I'd bet cash, check or credit card) to broadcast a show about any horrible situation that you might think up, just because the money.
    It's pretty stupid how things got. Used to be like 12 channels now we have like 999 channels. Like oil it's over excesive and people are sitting at home wasting thier potential learning how to act like cartoons, and some other real stupid ideas you will never see in your nieghborhood, for you, your friend, your family, unless you have a million dollars.
    Stupid is my final answer