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Who are the top three people you would like to have dinner with and why?

  1. xstatic profile image60
    xstaticposted 6 years ago

    Who are the top three people you would like to have dinner with and why?

    Would it include a politician, a general, a movie star, a singer? Maybe a poet or two, a novelist, or playwright or even an a Hubber?  Why would you choose the ones that come to mind?

  2. Dave Mathews profile image60
    Dave Mathewsposted 6 years ago

    I'd love to have dinner with Jesus Christ, Mary Magdelene, and Simon Peter.

  3. YvetteParker profile image75
    YvetteParkerposted 6 years ago

    My future husband (Mr. Man After God's Own Heart - whoever & where ever he is), his father, and his mother because I know once the relationship makes it to the stage of dinner with the parents; he's about ready to pop the question and put the platinum on the left hand!! lol....just thought I'd have a little fun with your question (feeling a bit silly today).

  4. bharath.adupa profile image70
    bharath.adupaposted 6 years ago

    i wish i had dinner with Swami Vivekananda, Mother Theresa and Michael Jackson.
    But i can never happen, i feel real bad about this. I am very happy as atleast i am on this planet where these people have made an history.

  5. Sparklea profile image75
    Sparkleaposted 6 years ago

    Jesus Christ
    Tyler Perry
    The President of the United States

    I would love to thank my Saviour for dying for me, for His grace, mercy, tolerance and forgiveness of my mistakes and faults.  I would then listen to any words He would say to me, and they would become my most valued possession received into my Spirit.

    Tyler Perry is my role model.  He worked his way up from a horrible poverty-filled life to be who he is today.  All his plays and movies weave a common thread about forgiveness, dependence on Jesus Christ and consequences when wrong decisions are made.  I would thank him for his courage and inspiration.

    I would be honored to dine with whoever is President of the United States.  I would tell him that it is hard enough to be responsible for a family, let alone a whole nation and that I understand the enormity of the stress he is under.  Making decisions and constantly being pulled into all directions. 

    Hubbers?  Larry Wall, CJ Sledgehammer, Deborah Brooks, Faith Reaper or Vector 7...to name a few.  Too bad we could not have a special gathering...I have met so many wonderful people thorough HubPages.  Blessings to all, Sparklea

  6. ackman1465 profile image60
    ackman1465posted 6 years ago

    Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Donald Trump.  Not all the same evening, of course... because I would expect each of them to pick up the check!!!!

  7. Lisas-thoughts101 profile image60
    Lisas-thoughts101posted 6 years ago

    Oprah, Jesus, and my father........

    Oprah because she has done so much for so many and I would like to get a little bit of her wisdom and generosity of spirit and just visit with her....

    Jesus because I would like to get his views on the  world and where we are in it and what he thinks of us all and how we are doing in the 21st century

    my father because he died when I was 15 months old and I've always been told how awesome he was and how much he loved me but I would like to find out for myself.