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Why are all books being changed into movies? Is this ruining the book or popular

  1. HLKeeley profile image83
    HLKeeleyposted 5 years ago

    Why are all books being changed into movies? Is this ruining the book or popularizing them?

    Some movies do justice to the book like "The Lovely Bones," but I feel like EVERY book is being made into a movie these days.

  2. profile image54
    kumar24894posted 5 years ago

    They are popularizing them . When movies are inspired from books it mean that the book is having something in it which can turn it into large budget movies like The Narnia .

  3. Mitch Alan profile image82
    Mitch Alanposted 5 years ago

    Ben Hur, Gone with the Wind and the Wizard of Oz were all books before there were adapted to the silver screen. It is not a new process of movie making. Sometime the translation to film is a worthy endeavour and leaves us satisfied with the end product and other times we are left with something far less savory.

  4. Catherine Kane profile image80
    Catherine Kaneposted 5 years ago

    Not all books are being turned into movies- there are a whole lot of books out there and more coming out every month.

    And, just like anything else, some movies represent their books other than other one do...

  5. YadiraE profile image89
    YadiraEposted 5 years ago

    There are alot of book turned into movies. Which isn't always a good idea. Screenwriters should write some original content, content that its meant for the screen, instead of adapting books that sometimes are not meant for the big screen.

  6. Nikki Major profile image59
    Nikki Majorposted 5 years ago

    In my opinion, turning a book into a movie ruins the book. The number of people who are willing to read is declining in such a fast pace world...

  7. stiggies profile image78
    stiggiesposted 5 years ago

    Books are great stories that producers want to share with groups only interested in films.

  8. Dallas Matier profile image85
    Dallas Matierposted 5 years ago

    Popular books have a ready made fanbase. So, I guess the theory is that a movie based on a well-known book with a large fanbase will have a greater potential for profit. That's the business side of it anyway. I'm sure you have the artistic side, too - with film makers who may just happen to like a particular book, and thinking that it would make a good movie.

    Unfortunately, even though they should really be thought of as different things, a bad movie based on a good book can potentially hurt it - not for anyone that's already read the book, but definitely for anyone that hasn't. On the other hand, though, a good movie based on a book always has the potential to convince people to go back to the original source.

  9. Miss Tiff profile image82
    Miss Tiffposted 5 years ago

    It depends on how the movie is made. If they follow the story line, pay attention to detail and do well at creating the characters the movies can be good. But if they completely slaughter the movie it can ruin the book.

  10. Georgie Lowery profile image95
    Georgie Loweryposted 5 years ago

    I'd much rather have a movie made from a good book (even if it doesn't live up to the book) than fifty-two Transformers sequels. What bugs me is when good books get optioned by the movie companies and the movies never get made.

    1. i scribble profile image82
      i scribbleposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Great points, especially the second one! I had forgotten that that happens.

  11. Alecia Murphy profile image79
    Alecia Murphyposted 5 years ago

    I think it's a combination of factors. I think it's refreshing that  they take from books as sources instead of the constant stream of remakes and reimaginings of other films. However, it is still using another idea and transposing it. I think like others have said it depends on the book and the following to see if it has traction.

  12. profile image0
    oceansiderposted 5 years ago

    Jane Austen's books have become more popular then ever, now that movies have come out on just about every one of her novels.  The same with Nicholas Sparks...I love his novels, and the movies such as "The Notebook", "A Walk to Remember" and "Dear John", were all amazing.  At least for these authors, it seems that the movies being made from their books, helped encourage people to read their novels more.

  13. Veroniquebee profile image75
    Veroniquebeeposted 5 years ago

    I think that depends.

    I'll use the example of Lord of the Rings. When it comes to LOTR, I first read several parodies, then saw the movies and I thought: oh my, LOTR must be G L O R I O U S. And then I got myself a copy of Fellowship and kept on falling asleep while reading it. I've still read the whole trilogy, even added Hobbit (which was, in my opinion, the best what Tolkien ever wrote) and Silmarillion, but although I have some reservations towards the movies, I still like them more than the books.

  14. profile image53
    eBackgroundChecksposted 5 years ago

    A movie made about a book is just the way that director views the book ,in my opinion. It doesn't mean you should have images of that movie in your head as you read the book - you can come up with your own...

  15. Jenna Kunc profile image60
    Jenna Kuncposted 5 years ago

    I think books can be made into movies because the books themselves are already very theatrical- there's character description and development, descriptions of light/setting, and an engaging plot. And let's be honest, it's easier to use the ready-made plot of a book versus coming up with something completely unique.
    I agree with what's been said about some book having fan bases and movie producers thinking this popularity will transfer over to movies, and for the most part it has. Nicholas Sparks and LOTR have already been mentioned, and we can't forget Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games-- books and movies that have appealed to a wide range of ages.
    To get to the heart of your question, I think that sometimes people will read a book simply because it's going to become a movie. Or they'll realize a movie is based on a book and THAT will cause them to read the book. In any case, the books are getting read, so I would say that movies are popularizing books.
    On the topic of ruining them, I think books and movies should be viewed as two separate elements. Often, a lover of the book will hate the movie because details have been changed. But as viewers of media, we should know that screenwriters, directors, and producers cannot create a word-for-word adaptation of the book. The movie is a whole separate entity. It is based off of the book, but it isn't the book. For this reason, I see movies of books as something else entirely. Not something bad, just something different.